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Post Reply Crunchyroll has so many animes streaming this season and any more to come. Really happy with my subscription this season
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Posted 4/7/14 , edited 4/7/14
I have to agree with this thread crunchy roll has stepped their game up from years back till now. And now were growing with more and more anime i am proud to be a subscriber of crunchy roll with all things Asian culture
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chuyaka wrote:

The Irregular at Magic High School and The world is still beautiful, but other shows like One Week Friends and Captain Earth are not available. Also I was sure OWF was available for Latin America and other countries when it was announced and now is only available for US and Canada, in another note Captain Earth says it's available for Latin America and apparently Mexico is not counted. Seriously it grinds my gears when CR doesn't know where to put Mexico in theirs releases.

The ISO code for Mexico (mx) is definitely listed in the media:restriction relationship="allow" type="country" tag for Captain Earth.

Have you tried setting your website language (not the subtitle language) to both English and Spanish to see if one permits it and the other does not?

As to One Week Friends I believe the different regions you were referring to were in the News article, and not the Site News announcement (which is the official announcement). The person responsible for posting the news article simply made a mistake and later corrected it.

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