What Did/Do You Do to Win Your Friend [or Someone] a Favor?
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Posted 4/7/14 , edited 4/8/14
It could be anything like you took a terrible blame from a terrible incident. Then, you used that incident to ask someone or your friend to do you a favor, a payback, for the bad experience you received instead of him/her. And, the payback could be anything.
Like: asking your friend to visit your grandparents, pretending as you, because your parents forced you to do it after such a long time bailing out.
making your friend shop for you during Black Friday.

Anyway, it's up to guys to leave one sentence post or actually share a story.
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Posted 4/8/14 , edited 4/8/14
Win a game (any game) then make the loser do his or her chores for two days, that's my favor of asking.
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Posted 9/3/14 , edited 9/3/14
Maybe cook for me since I can't cook..
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