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Post Reply WHO's UR F.A.V character in the anime
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Posted 4/14/09 , edited 4/15/09
Um well, my favorite is Fuji Syuusuke

second is Ryoma-kun

And the third is Kikumaru Eiji

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Posted 3/6/10 , edited 3/7/10
Shiraishi Kuronusuke

and a lot more. these are only a few. >_<
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Posted 5/16/11 , edited 5/17/11
I think I would make it my favorites from each team:

I love all the regulars but on top of my list are:

Kunimitzu Tezuka
BUCHOU!!!! OMG! Who wouldn't love a sexy and stoic buchou? C'mon! I never thought that a guy in glasses could be hot! But, boy, he is! He's cold yet oh god, so hot! Haha. I remembered a line from PoT that says Tezuka makes 'good' and 'marvelous' sound cheap. Yep! That's just how great he is! Needless to say, I am in love with Tezuka! Daisuki Tezuka-buchou!

Ryoma Echizen
O-chibi! Say what you wanna say on how cocky and spoiled he can be but that just makes him so much cuter! I love those cat-like eyes, by the way!

Syusuke Fuji
Syusuke, Syusuke. Those piercing blue eyes of him. God! He's just an angel sent from above for us mere mortals to bow and behold.

Eiji Kikumaru
More cute than hot. Eiji is so kawaii!!! He's just the epitome of cuteness. His child-like ways, he actually acts more childly that Ryoma, is just soooo endearing. Aww.

Wahaha. This guy who had two years of tennis experience...haha. Annoying but I love him. Haha!


Seiichi Yukimura of Prince of Tennis
Oh, the demigod. Yukimura is soooo pretty. And he's a guy. That made him more awesome. I don't know but just hearing her name makes me smiles. Yukimura. *smiles* See?


Shinji Ibu
I love how he mumbles everytime. He's just weird!


Keigo Atobe
Narcissistic and all but at least he got something to be one. And don't you just realize that Atobe owns Japan? He's just impossibly rich!

Jirou Akutagawa
Always napping. Haha. And I just love that he doesn't seem to mind losing and well contented as long as the match and his opponent impressed him.


Kojiro Saeki

In one OVA episode, he was deemed as pointlessly gorgeous, I never saw him play really but just his gorgeousness is enough! haha
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