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Posted 1/30/08 , edited 1/30/08
Warm blueberry pie topped with vanilla ice cream
Frosty chocolate milk shakes swirling in a tall mug
Caramel dripping over icey cold coffee
Peppermint wafers with hot English tea

Blackberry jam spread over buttery toast
Orange~raspberry sherbet swimming in a bowl
Sour lemon gumdrops sticking to your teeth
Lips puckering; turns sunshine yellow

Spitting watermelon seeds into the air
Sweet pears blanched with brown sugar
Finger sandwiches filled with clotted cream
Pepper crackers smothered with Bree

Peanut butter cookies warming on a platter
Cream cheese stuffed into purple plums
Strawberries served in champagne glasses
Bubbles fizzing your rosy red lips

Luscious cherries; juice splashes on my tongue
Licking sticky fingers from sweet honey suckle
Warm, soft banana bread cooling on a rack
You guzzle it down with chilled soy milk

Flaky white biscuits melting down your throat
Jello jiggling in flavors of lime and grape
Swigging a fizzling fountain soda
Hazelnut gelato topped with Pistachios

Just have a seat and relax, enjoy
Let the delicious splendor take you in
So many wonderful choices to choose from
How may I help you?

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29 / F / Sydney, Australia
Posted 1/30/08 , edited 1/30/08
omg yummy.. you've made me hungry ><
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F / Asia
Posted 1/30/08 , edited 1/30/08
@ hunterkyrie: do you have a sweet tooth?

Cool poem.. though I'm not much into sweet stuff... but like Julia says, it sure does make anyone hungry when reading your poem. Nicely done.. thanks for sharing with us. =)
Posted 1/30/08 , edited 1/30/08
I actually forgot the first four lines. There they are.
Enjoy. XD
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M / Wherever
Posted 1/30/08 , edited 1/30/08
......You make me hungry no more food stuff >_<........
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34 / M / Florida
Posted 1/30/08 , edited 1/31/08
I enjoyed it, I could easily picture the things in my mind, and your thoughts flowed very well. Poetry isn't my strong point, so I can't really critique it, but I certainly enojyed reading it~ Keep up the good work!
Posted 1/31/08 , edited 1/31/08
haha i like this poem... a very delicious poem
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Posted 3/10/08 , edited 3/10/08
damn you! i wish could write poems this well. sadly, i'm better off writing stories and novels. haha.
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30 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 3/21/08 , edited 3/22/08
free verse is good, but a rhyme scheme would have a larger entertainment value.
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