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Itachi looks on with dimmed vision and says there is one final puzzle piece. A story of two competitive brothers who awakened their Sharingan and eventually obtained Mangekyou. Uchiha Madara and his younger brother had achieved something never before done and took control of their clan. Unfortunately as a side effect of the Mangekyou, Madara's vision failed him as his eyes were sealed away from the light. He tried to avoid this fate and failed, eventually plucking out his brother's eyes in desperation. Madara regained his vision and obtained a Mangekyou that would never disappear. Such an ability caused many sacrifices to happen within the clan over time. Using his power he joined with other clans, including the Senju of the Forest, led by the man who would become Shodai Hokage. Together they formed Konoha. Policy disputes arose and they did battle. Madara lost but still lives. He formed Akatsuki from behind the scenes and eventually directed the Kyuubi to attack Konoha. Itachi then states that Madara is a unworthy shadow of his former self; and the only one who can surpass him is he himself. He maniacally yells that Sasuke himself will be his chance to grow. Since the beginning, the Uchiha have killed their friends to develop Mangekyou and their siblings to make it eternal. He offers that their clan has been tainted with blood and once Sasuke is dead, he can go beyond the limits of his own capacity with his brother's eyes. Thus each brother is a spare, and that is why he left Sasuke live. A double-eyed specter begins to reach out for Sasuke's eye but he disperses the illusion. Sasuke removes his cloak and states it was all for this moment. Closing his eyes he thinks back over his pledge to kill Itachi. He opens his eyes and states it finally ends here...

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