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Posted 2/12/15 , edited 2/13/15
*Name: Kurama

*Gender: Male

Age: 20 years old

Physical Description: 5 foot 5 inches, black hair and dark shining blue eyes. Has to wear a gas mask in order to keep his power in check.

Hair Color: Black hair

Eye Color: Blue Eyes

Height: 5 foot 5 inches

Weight: 155 pounds

*Ethnicity: White

(Human, vampire, Faery, ANYTHING.) Kurama (Blood of the nine tail fox runs through him) so he's a decedent of the Kami

*Appearance: Always wears a gas mask in order to hold back his power and is hooded

*Personality: A cold calculating monster, he is usually very calm and level headed and keeps to himself. He enjoys pleasure like fighting and sex, he loves a good rush. He can sometimes fly off the handle and lose control and turn into a raging monster that won't quit until he can take control of himself. Due to the tremendous power he has he usually has to meditate and keep calm in order to avoid going berserk and has become quite good at maintaining his level head. He is usually quiet and doesn't speak unless he has to and gives off a cold aura of death and destruction.

*Origin/Backstory: Being born in to the Kami clan which takes in young babies who have the spirit of a kami in them he was raised to control his power. Unfortunately for him when they found out the 9 Tail Fox spirit was in him they locked him up. He was shunned and often beat by the other clan members for having such a terrible demon in him. He grew more and more angry and in confinement learned to grow his power and abilities. One day when he felt like he was strong enough he transformed into his spirit form and broke from his prison. In his rage he slaughtered most of the clan with no mercy, men, women and children, no one was spared. Being in full beast mode he no longer had control of himself and was almost completely engulfed by the rage. But unfortunately or maybe fortunately the clan master had already had a fail safe for him, with all his strength he applied a mask that would minimize and limit his power and Kurama turned back into his normal human form. The damage and blood spilt was stained everywhere. Kurama was sentenced to death but upon awakening he escaped and ran. He knew he could never return to the only place he knew so he wandered until he found a city. It was difficult for him, he had never had any freedom in his life and no experience other than being imprisoned. He had to keep the gas mask on or risk going crazy again from power. Slowly after a long time he learned through meditation that he could focus and control his energy and power. He could still had to be careful not to remove the gas mask for a long period of time or he may be taken over by the spirit. After learning to control the power he entered street fights for money. No one could stand against him, he easily defeated every normal human that went against him. He became feared but the price for that was he was lonely. He wanted interaction but never knew how to without fighting. That is, until one day, he saw a guy thats aura was different from his, he felt power and decided to fight him, he was amazed when the man was just as strong as him and could keep up with him. At this point Kurama knew that there were powerful people in this town and maybe since they did not fear him they could maybe be friends. He never saw that man again but Kurama started to sense this town had more that met the eye and decided to stick around and check it out more. Now he sets his sights towards more powerful adversaries and possibly the chance of making a friend or two.

Hobbies/Interests: Loves fighting and listening to music. Watches tv when he sees them in the windows while walking through the city.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Gang Political Views: For the Fight
(Stop the fight, for the fight, etc.)

(Gang member, officer, citizen, student, employee etc.)
Just a citizen (For now)

(Don't include this if you're not a gang member; look in the pages for the list of gangs!)

Leader, Second in Command or Member?
(Don't include this if you're not a gang member.)

Weapon(s): His body and Wolfs that he can summon to help him

*Fighting Style: Calculating and fierce, he likes to toy with his opponent and tire them out before he goes in for the final strike. Uses his superior speed and intellect to predict the other fighters moves. But when he removes his gas masks he becomes and animal and goes all out. Unpredictable fighting and filled with blind rage, in this form he is strongest but does not consider anything other than defeat in his mind.

Special Skills/Powers: Can use his Kami power to project pure energy from hands and mouth. Can move quicker then most can comprehend. Can transform into his spirit mode and wreck havoc with the power he contains. Also can control other wolves in the area and call them in from apparently almost know where to help him.

PASSWORD: (Hint: Read the rules!) "Baccano"

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Posted 2/13/15 , edited 2/14/15
*Name: richard william leon

*Gender: male

Age: 20

Physical Description: tall, strong young physically built

Hair Color: black hair

Eye Color: N/A

Height: 5 foot 11 inches

Weight: 210

*Ethnicity: white

*Species: human


*Personality: smart kind and logical

*Origin/Backstory: richard lived with his family out on the country side with woods and high mountain where he went hunting with his dad and brothers. by the time he was 16 he signed up to the police academy and he was approved and went to boot camp for 3yrs. after those 3yrs he was in the top 5% to make an elite standers. when he graduated he earned the right to become a partner with one of the other officers. during this time he and his partner solved many cases of murder kidnapping etc. one day their was a call for back up during a fire fight for drug bust. Him and his buddy went to go aid as fast as they can and joined in the fight. the fighting was fierce guns shooting of everywhere glass breaking bombs going off. when it was time to retreat one of the thugs threw a flash bang and it had a short timer going off in riches face causing permanent eye damage causing him to lose his sight of light but he kept his ability to see in the night. so doctors recommended to keep wearing these dark light vision prototype glasses to help him see during the day and by night he could take them off. but that wasn't enough for john cause now he was unfit for duty and became a normal citizen once in awhile he got cases to help solve since he was good tracker and if given the right leads and objects to get a good idea of where the person was going. he wanted more then that he wanted to stop the fights and crimes so he made the choice to take matters into his own hands and fought back during the night and brought down only high valued targets leaving three claw like marks on each of the targets clothing dubbing him the "HUNTSMEN"

Hobbies/Interests: walking his dog and listening to music

Sexual Orientation: straight

Gang Political Views: stop the fight

*Occupation: vigilante
Weapon(s): hunting rifle katana

*Fighting Style: judo and ground fighting

Special Skills/Powers: dude to his injures better senses of smell and hearing. also better endurance


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Posted 2/13/15 , edited 2/22/15

♟... data ...

Aerith The Hanged Man
Natalia Eurybia
Appears to be human
Student, gang member
Hyperion Altair

HP ____________ PP ____________

Blood generated glove-like materialization.
Generating blood through a wound, that creates a red, hexagonal and hard shell around her body. The sacrifice of a hanged man is crucial. She has many scars on her hands and arms if the wounds she makes aren't treated properly.

She also has some experience at hacking, and can analyze a situation and get quick results.


She's a bit shy towards strangers. Or can come off as arrogant, because she dislikes talking to strangers. She'd like to be considered an extrovert, but can't bring herself to enjoy the company of newer people.

But if you get to know her, she's quite the opposite; outgoing and friendly, with a bit of attitude. However, when she says something that appears rude, she's probably unaware that it is considered rude. Having been involved in strategical games, she has gained quite a bit of intelligence. She's wise beyond her years. She seems to flaunt it, but once again, it's something she's unaware of. She's often mistaken as arrogant and "intense", but those who really know her, realize she's very humble.
Games of various sorts. She thoroughly enjoys RPG games, especially focusing around strategy. Examples of physical favored games are D&D, tarot cards, and things like yu-gi-oh duals.


PASSWORD: baccano

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Posted 2/21/15 , edited 2/22/15

N A M E:: Demetrius Leventis
G E N D E R:: Male
A G E:: Sixteen
H A I R C O L O R:: Black w/ White Stripes
E Y E C O L O R:: Yellow
H E I G H T:: 5'1
W E I G H T:: 118 lbs
E T H N I C I T Y:: Greek
S P E C I E S:: Shinigami
S E X U A L I T Y:: Homosexual
G. P. V.:: For the Fight
O C C U P A T I O N :: Gang Member, Student
G A N G:: Grey Paint
P O S I T I O N:: Leader
W E A P O N (S):: Dual Pistols, Dual Canons
F I G H T I N G S T Y L E:: Gunslinger, Marksmanship

Hobbies/Interests :::

Other than cleaning until the atmosphere surrounding him is clear of dust, Demetrius spends the rest of his free time reading and writing. Dememtrius once dreamed of becoming a famous author, and still wants to achieve the dream. Like he tells himself, "great authors come from great readers." Demetrius also spends time at the the shooting range. Even he has great marksmanship, he still works to improve his aim more.
Persona :::

Demetrius has a very complex personality mainly because of his OCD ((Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)) and slightly mad and dark personality. Dem, as his friends call him and the name be always hated being called, was more solemn and not really outspoken. When it came to something personal, that's when he really wouldn't talk. After facing a series of unfortunate events, Demetrius soon became more compassionate towards his comrade, but when it came down to business, he had to go back to the dark person he used to be and hide the sweet person inside.
Origin :::

According to what Demetrius Leventis can remember from his past life, he grew up under the rules of being isolated in his home because his mother was afraid he might bring the true shinigami, out. But can he? Apparently to his family, he's known as the "Incomplete Shinigami". "What does that even mean?" he wondered. Incomplete? He had tl find out himself. One day once his family was asleep, he snuck out to find out what "Incomplete Shinigami" means, but he had to find out himself.


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Posted 2/21/15 , edited 2/22/15
*Name: Luna Scarlet



Hair Color:White

Eye Color: Bichromic (left: red Right:silver)

*Ethnicity: Caucasian

*Species: Demon


*Personality: He is caring to his allies but is sadistic cruel and merciless to those he deems a threat to him or his allies. He has a very extreme phobia of insects although he can stand some.

*Origin/Backstory:Luna grew up without knowing he was a demon, his parents frequently stated that his eyes were like that due to a genetic mishap. Upon entering high school he discovered his demon powers and quickly became an outcast. He went through high school without anyone to rely on and his relationship with his parents was shoddy at best. Upon graduating he became rather adept with his demonic abilities.

Hobbies/Interests: He generally enjoys cute girls with white hair and match the dandere spectrum

Sexual Orientation:Extremely picky hetero

Gang Political Views: He doesn't really mind the fighting but could go without the fighting.

*Occupation:Lives in a apartment and does odd jobs in the back streets for his cash

Weapon(s): He is very skilled with any bladed weapon but does not carry then around

*Fighting Style:His fighting style is defined by doing whatever is needed to end his enemy he isn't afraid of killing either

Special Skills/Powers: He has the unique ability to manipulate his blood but due to bloods job in the body he must be very careful when using it

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Posted 2/23/15 , edited 2/24/15
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Posted 2/24/15 , edited 2/26/15

The Pastel Misfit
Ryoko Mioda

Sexual Orientation
Fighting Style
Student/gang member
Kiseki no Sedai
Second in Command
Gun slinger/basic combat
Usually a bb-gun. It can injure someone. But she can use real and heavy artillery if needed,

Outgoing, tends to be hyper, independent, immature but smart, inventive, has a bit of an attitude. She claims to be a witch, and will "hex" you if you anger her. It's usually just a hollow threat, but people do find her to be a bit freaky.

Punk rock, music in general, punky yet cute fashion, video games, old vinyl records, "witchcraft".
Surprisingly, Ryoko has grown up in the country side. Living a small town life. But she eventually moved to Tokyo, and had adapted a lot of the Harajuku fashion. Rather quickly, too. Along with her own sling of western "punk". It was her dream to go to the city, and she naturally adapted to it. Though in middle school, she was made fun of for being a hick. She claims to be from a famous line of witches, and participates in wiccan/pagan-like practices. Most people don't believe her, but she really has been practicing it since a very young age.

She's been through a lot of things. The most hardest thing was probably the death of her mother, and best friend.

Gang Political Views
She's for the fight, if it really is necessary. She envisions the future of GoM, as the kids who can do it. She wants her generation, and the younger ones, to feel capable.

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19 / F / Basketball Court
Posted 3/7/15 , edited 3/9/15

★The Joker★

"I got rid of all the trash nearby before coming here."

Name: Kagetane Hiruko AKA Farceur Sombre
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Position: Member

Age: 25
Hair Colour: White
Occupation: Gang Member, Gambler
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Eye Colour: Yellow
Ethnicity: British
Gang: Hyperon Altair
Gang: Political Views: For the Fight

Password: Baccano


Kagetane Hiruko is a wicked man that does not hesitate when it comes to killing people in the way of his goals, killing two men; entirely destroying their facial properties, and freely admitting said felony without any remorse whatsoever. Further, firing multiple shots at policemen that attempted to avenge their fallen comrades. When in the midst of battle, he keeps his posture and frequently laughs. He seems to be confident in his strength, as he answers a phone call when fighting and begins to speak with the other person despite being ambushed instantaneously. Additionally, before leaving the fight, he claims that no one will stop him, or is even capable of. Kagetane even laughs at his own pain, stating that it shows he is alive. Being clouded in mysteries, Kagetane tends to leave battles without revealing his name to the opponent and claiming that a future encounter will be eminent.


Seven years ago, Kagetane, member of the former Japanese self-defense force, killed everyone related to the government hospital and ran away. However, three years after, he changed his name and became a member of Civil Security. Due to his problematic antics, Kagetane had his license revoked. He entered a casino the day he got his license revoked and played Poker against a member of Hyperon Altair who asked him to join the gang. Since he had nothing else to do with his life and wanted revenge against the Civil Security, he joined the gang shortly after.



Psychedelic Gospel

Black Bullet

"Be afraid, Civil Security. The day of despair is upon us."

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