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23 / F / Your Imagination
Posted 4/9/14 , edited 4/9/14
Eye color:
Hair color:
Skin color:
Weapon (if there is one):

→Please put up a pic for your character!
→All characters are automatically approved (: Start roleplaying as soon as you would like.
→If there's anything else you would like to add for your character's information, don't hesitate to add it.
→Each member may have 2 characters.
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23 / F / Your Imagination
Posted 4/9/14 , edited 4/9/14
Name: Kairo Tsunade
Nickname: Kai-chan
Gender Female
Sexuality: Bi-curious
Race: Human
Age: 18
Height: 5"6'
Weight/Build: 115 pounds (Skinny)
Eye color: Gray
Hair color: Pink
Skin color: Fair
Personality: Kairo can be quiet, and at times, come across as rude. She is very blunt about what the thinks, and doesn't care what others say about her. She shows her disdain for things and people often.

Bio:Kairo's mother passed away when she was 10. Shortly afterwards, her father took to drinking and became emotionallly and physically abusive towards the girl.
Unsure how to deal with this new side of him, she often stayed at school until forced to leave, and then proceeded to stay at the park until dark.
At the age of 17, Kairo had her first boyfriend. 1 year and 3 months later, she discovered he had been cheating on her for the past 6 months and spreading rumors about her.
Kairo quickly moved on, and 1 month later, moved out of her abusive father's place.
She works at the local bookstore during the day and then at the bar during night.

Likes:Tea, books, photography.
Dislikes:Rude people, abusers, cheaters.

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Posted 4/9/14 , edited 4/9/14

Name: Arigato
Nickname: Ari
Gender male
Age: 23
Height: 6
Weight/Build: athletic
Eye color: brwn
Hair color: blk
Personality: confident, lots of ego, caring
Bio: without a family, kind of alone
Weapon (if there is one): sword
Likes: flirting, meeting people,sports
Dislikes: show offs

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Character Form

Name: 猿渡 Saruwatari 三千代 Michiyo

Nickname: Saru

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Race: Human

Age: 20

Height: 6'4"

Weight/Build: 195 lbs

Eye color: Purple

Hair color: Purple

Skin color: Very white

Personality: Saru is quite the mysterious and quiet type. Keeping to himself, he tends to stay indoors writing his stories and is nocturnal.

Bio: Born in the depths of japan's alleyways, he lived in darkness after being abandoned by his parents. Living scarcely without food for many years, learning to scavenge for himself and using others for his own personal gain.

Likes: The Dark, voodoo dolls, black, anything not annoying

Dislikes: The social, annoyance, arrogant people, sunlight
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Posted 4/10/14 , edited 4/10/14

Name: Julian Tilex

Nickname: Joker

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 25

Height: 6'6"

Weight/Build: 190 lbs

Eye color: dark hazel

Hair color: black

Skin color: slightly pale

Personality: Mysterious, Sinful, Bold, Funny, Split Personality

Bio: Julian born and raised in a noble family far north of Sweden enjoying his sheltered life, education, wealth and love from everyone he had it all. Smarter then most kids around his age he graduated college at the age of 15.

He never really understood the world around him, oblivious of whats society is like, by the age of 18 he met a young woman and he fell in love. Without any real life experiences and lived a peaceful life his entire life he one day caught his girlfriend cheating on him. The feeling of betrayal awoke something inside him that he never felt before.

Abandoning his family, his wealth and everything he owned, only keeping what he had in his wallet and the cloths his currently wearing he left his country and escaped elsewhere for a new start in life. With the knowledge and skills he possess he decided to settle down in a small town working as a host.

Weapon (if there is one): Hidden blade

Likes: Secrets

Dislikes: Society

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29 / F / on your head in k...
Posted 4/10/14 , edited 4/10/14

EmbersFire wrote:

Name:Ava Xavier
Weight/Build:145, curvy
Eye color:sea blue
Hair color:bright violet
Skin color:a slight glowing pale
Personality:sweet,a bit adventurous
Bio:growing up with 9 brothers,she learned how to deal with a lot of personalities at once. She loved making sweets and venturing out into anywhere most wouldnt go. She works hard for the things she ever wanted and doesnt believe in giving up or telling someone elses sectets.
She was always beng picked on so once she got used to fighting for herself,it became somethin she enjoyedshe now works as a bouncer at a quite unique and vibrant club. She doesnt have a hard time getting along with others but dont expect to see her around too many girls.
Weapon (if there is one):A wooden bat with nails
Dislikes:burnt food,being bossed around
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20 / M / The land of Vikin...
Posted 4/15/14 , edited 4/15/14

Name: Jack Francis

Nickname: Jackie

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Race: Human-British

Age: 21

Height: 1,76m


Eye color: Green

Hair color: Blond

Skin color: slightly pale

Personality: Gentleman-like, devious and sometimes psychotic.

Bio: His home was a jolly place, well til he turned five.... where his father commited suicide. He had apperantly been borrowing from the mafia without being able to pay back. This dept was now layed upon his mother, she, after numerous failed attempts to get a wellpaid job, was eventualy forced into a less than descent line of work, prostitution.

Eventualy, due to seeing her mother being beaten so many times, his anger needed to be vented, so he indulged himself in the act of murder. His mother was ofcourse to bisy to notice that he was coming home late each and every day, or maybea just to tierd to care.

When the age came to were he could move out, he immediately did so, taking his half-sister with him, far away from their mothers den. Now, he lives with his sister in an cheap apartment, supporting himself and her through his job as a buss-driver. He has also become much more controlled, and almost no one could tell what his hobbies are, though it is still a big part in his life. And the victims for his taking of life, is infact, mostly prostitutes.

Weapon (if there is one): pocket knife

Likes: killing, knives, cats, gambling

Dislikes: his mother, prostitutes


Name: Alice Francis

Nickname: (Can`t think of any right now)

Gender: female

Sexuality: Bisexual >_>

Race: Loli-British

Age: 11

Height: 1,36m

Weight/Build: slim

Eye color: Red

Hair color: Blond

Skin color: Extremely pale

Personality: Curious, sadistic, psychotic

Bio: Her mother coudn`t afford abortion, and so this unwanted child was born into her dirty home. Her father is most likely one of her mothers "customers", who exactly is unknown.

She was mostly brought up, if at all, by her half-brother Jack. And she eventualy also learned the pleasantries of seeing human life yield (sometimes even those of animals). Though she is less skilled at hiding her enjoyment than her brother.

She has a hard time sympathising with and understanding others. This, in the begging of her school life made her bullied, though as people quickly learned that she had no problem with making others bleed, it left her alone instead.

Now she lives with her brother in a cheap apartment. Though she`s lonely, or maybea because of it, she acceled in the education to the point were she had to skip grades and is now already about to start high school.

Weapon (if there is one): Meat cleaver, pocket knife

Likes: cats, bunnies, others suffering

Dislikes: Her mother, prostitutes, other people

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26 / M / Someone, Somewhere
Posted 4/21/14 , edited 4/21/14
Name: Cecil Vaughan

Nickname: none

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Race: Human, Welsh

Age: 21

Height: 1,82m

Weight/Build: Slim

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Brown

Skin color: Fairly pale

Personality: Gentleman-like, introverted, curious

Bio: Hating his controlling, wealthy parents, Aldwyn Caldecote left his home at 14, and changed his name to Cecil Vaughan. A writer by trade, he made his own way forging legal documents, writing and delivering transcripts, and swindling the local businessmen. He never stayed in one area long, so traveled often. He dresses well, a metaphorical ode to his background. He strives to finish his first novel, but has been stricken with constant setbacks. Still, Cecil hopes to see it published in the next few years.

Weapon (if there is one): He prefers to end disputes with trickery and a sly tongue, yet is never seen without his German-made Mauser.

Likes: Bluffing, writing, silence, rain, shooting

Dislikes: His family, most people, public events and places, noise

Posted 4/30/14 , edited 4/30/14
Name: Sakai Umeh
Nickname: Saka-kun
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Weight/Build: Strong, muscly...
Eye color: Changes depending on mood.
Hair color: Blonde, and some other colors.
Skin color: Pale tan
Personality: He is calm and nice, Usually is a quiet person, due to the fact that he is gay. He doesn't know anyone else really...
Bio: He has an unknown bio.
Weapon: None
Likes: Cats, balloons, candy, and being with someone.
Dislikes: Being alone, spicy food, and rude men and women.
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23 / F / Your Imagination
Posted 5/7/14 , edited 5/8/14
Start whenever you're ready. And you can join whichever forum you want (:
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21 / F / ON, Canada
Posted 6/18/14 , edited 6/18/14
Name: Jordan R. Rouse


Gender: Female

Race/Ethnicity: German Ukrainian

Age: 16

Height: 5"1

Weight/Build: An averagely stocky hourglass figure, which is to be expected of her age, weighing in at 112 Lbs

Eye color:Blue

Hair color:Blonde

Skin color:Fair White

Personality: Jordan has a hard time adapting to new situations, and can be quite stubborn with a majority of things, including arguments, debate, and projects that she dedicates herself to. Albeit having this simple flaw, she's able to be quite polite, and empathetic with the others present around her. Along with her empathy, Jordan prides herself in her knowledge of world history, particularly dating from the mid 1900s and below, to BCE times.

Bio: Jordan spent majority of her life growing up in Northern rural Germany, living as a fixed-wing pilot/crop duster's daughter. As such, not many things were at her disposal given the common salaries that crop dusters have, she grew up making her own fun, painting, drawing, and sculpting. Later on, Jordan had ended up moving over to Canada for a proper education that would be both more affordable, and comfortable solution.

Likes: Jordan likes world history, food, being social, painting, drawing, making videos, uploading and sharing artwork, meeting new people over the internet.

Dislikes: Jordan dislikes debate, cooking, and hefty responsibility. (Mostly having to do with school related class projects.)


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23 / F / The Flying Pussyf...
Posted 6/20/14 , edited 6/21/14
Name: Tommy Renee V.
Nickname: Tommy
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 5'8
Weight/Build: 140
Eye color: idk
Hair color: red
Skin color: tan?
Personality: out of this world
Bio: she has always been told to be herself, so now she is a wild mess.
Weapon (if there is one): her pocket knife in her shoe
likes: people, drawing and painting.
Dislikes: people who tell her no
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