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Before you start on this roleplay, there will be a forum for creating a character for this forum. Please create a specific character for this roleplay before joining, or modify your current character's abilities.


The kingdom of Alanith had once been prosperous and beautiful, knowing not the feeling of fear. But every good thing must come to an end, and to an end it came. The land had been plunged into a perpetual shadow by the king's own brother, Karanlık (read like car-un-lıck). What had caused Karanlik to betray his own brother, no one truly knew, but there was plenty of speculation.
As time passed, the war between the king and his brother was beginning to take it's toll not only on the land, but on the people as well. The king had lost many soldiers, and the people began to murmur and revolt against him. No one wanted to be on the losing side.
The king's most valuable warriors had been slaughtered in the last war at Wood's Cross, and very few had gotten out with their lives. Many had been deeply wounded, and the doctors highly doubted that they would ever be able to return to the battlefield. Worry began to eat away at the king. Having conversed with his advisers, the king sent out a decree to each town that if there were any people interested in joining the battle, to report to the castle as soon as possible where their abilities would be tested and evaluated.
But the most talented of warriors stayed away, not wanting to become a tool in the battle. But fate has a way of finding you, and despite your wishes, you must fulfill your destiny. And sometimes, that destiny is to face the very thing you have run from.


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