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Posted 4/10/14 , edited 4/11/14
I have sent this via the contact us option in the iOS app, but am also posting it here so the I can attach screen captures showing the extent of the problem. Please not the time at the top of the images as well as the progress indicated at the bottom.

I am having trouble with playback of some titles, particularly in the evening. Specifically, the video will show the circular loading symbols for several minutes while the video is trying to start. After several minutes I might get a few seconds of video, after which it will freeze and show the loading symbols for several more minutes. This will continue all evening, playing the video a few seconds at a time with long intervals in between. I am sure you can understand how frustrating this is, particularly since I am a premium member and have been for some time now.
I am trying to watch Nyarko: Another Crawling Chaos. The problems have been happening for at least three nights and have occurred while trying to view episodes 6 thru 8. The video will not stream properly until somewhere between 11pm and midnight. The problems do not seem to be exclusive to this title, but they also do not occur with all titles (Nanana's Buried Treasure episode 1 streamed with no problems). I am streaming via wifi (my download speeds regularly test at 20+mbs during this time). I am using Crunchroll for iOS ver. 2.21, on an iPhone 4s, running iOS 7.1 (11D167).

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Posted 5/28/14 , edited 5/29/14
I have had a similar problem on ipad for a while. I've found grabbing the slider at the bottom and releasing it in the same place you're at just to get it to drop what it's loading and start the picture fresh is often enough to keep it going without interruption for a while. Sometimes I need to repeat that a couple of times in an episode.

Some nights when it's really stubborn I close and reopen the video, though it doesn't often work. Sometimes fully closing the app and restarting it does the trick as well.

After all this time, I really can't find any rhyme or reason to it; I just try different things and it suddenly starts playing smooth again, but bizarrely enough the same solution doesn't work every time for the same problem. Try fiddling and see if you can't get get it going.
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Posted 8/3/14 , edited 8/3/14
I'm just wondering if it is the app itself or the device? I been experiencing problems since I got the device. Seems there is no updates either on the software....I have been dealing with this for over a month.
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Posted 9/3/14 , edited 9/3/14
I have the same issue. I got a subscription just so I could watch on my iPad, but since it won't play correctly and spools every fifteen seconds, it seems like a waste.
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