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Posted 4/10/14 , edited 4/11/14
AAhhh the beauty of the a variety of a rose that apple has one of the most verity of any fruit! Welcome to the Crunchyrolling rows of delicious, delicately cultivated apples, the variety...anime! In this group i want to dissect the world of anime!! Getting right done to the core (hehe you get it?!). We will explore, as it says in the description, the mechanics of the anime, the history of; the story, the animator/writer, technique, company, and many other historical thing (feel free to suggest topics of discussion). We will also explore the dynamics of the anime: What makes it intriguing, boring, etc...
Each month we will focus on one particular anime if you have one in mind suggest it to me and well will have a vote!! If not I will pick one for the month. If you don't like the anime or don't feel like talking about it that's fine! we will have a random chat threat where you can do as you please! roam in the beautiful orchards and smell the blossoms!
Upon entering the group you will be dubbed the title of volunteeras you post and contribute you will move up the ranks from:
Volunteer to
Intern to
Orchardist to
Pomologist Apprentice
Each position has more privileges editing wise
If you have another position in mind shoot me a...resume (kunkunkun) and I will look at the details of it ans say yay or neigh! and if you think my decision was unjust if for some reason I turn it down talk to me! I don't want anyone butt hurt over a simple title! For anything concerning this issue private message me!
Also for suggestions Private message is preferred unless you want the whole group to put there input in it and its not something like "I have an issue with your group" or "I love you please bear my children!!!" Ha ha but any suggestions about Anime for the upcoming month you can put on the forum or private message me.
That's it for now!! enjoy<3
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