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Girls are not allowed.
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Wolf walked into the dorms as he looked around and wonders what he should do, he looks around and figures he should find his room as he says, "Ogawekoziko pewei lu jinwei vouwei yilukirpe rumtou peweizirum ziweiweirum?." he then looks around and heads over to a desk and sees a bell as he rings it and waits for someone to answer the bell for his service as he waits and then says, "Furum lu vouweko weikircutou weikirko wekoziko? Teiweweizucupekir'vou vouwekoziko tako teiweirumkoweikirko wekoziko fuvou vouweko pekoteiha yiweizi kirkooga teivouzupekokirvou vouwei jinkovou vouwekoluzi peweizirum ziweiweirum kirzurumtakozi?"

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