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Ask Miriam - Broken Down Car
Posted 6/25/07 , edited 6/26/07

ahojcookie wrote:

whatsome wrote:

ahojcookie wrote:

Lol, you're doing Miriam wrong. Can't you see she's speaking in metaphores?

Do you think she has the time to decipher those metaphors? hahaha. She needs an advice not a wise-ass. hahaha.

In times of hardship, people seek for a deeper meaning instead of commonplace advice

If people gives "deeper meanings" like Miriam did, I'll just say "can you speak that in English please."

... the woman in the article doesn't need a rocket scientist that provides facts or technical knowledge. She needs emotional support.
Posted 11/17/07 , edited 11/17/07
ha ha ha ha ha
Posted 11/17/07 , edited 11/17/07

Faeleia wrote:

Thanks for being so helpful!

that is divinely funny.
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Posted 11/17/07 , edited 11/17/07
VIZ comics - the funniest around ,I buy it every month
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