Shadow of The Colossus!
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I just re-lived this amazing game on the HD version for PS3 not too long ago. The last time I played it was a long time ago, and I haven't even reached the last colossus. Then I just beat the game within a weekend.

Anyway, have you played this game? If so, how far are you/did you get, and do you like it? What's your favorite colossus overall, and/or you fought?

It's incredibly vague on how you defeat the Colossi, and it took me so many hours to figure it out without cheating. I only cheated two times and looked at walk-throughs because I got so frustrated.

Anyway, considering I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't played or has not beat the game, my review is in a spoiler!

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I don't really know why I haven't played this game yet. It's been on my radar for years , but I've just never gotten around to playing it. HOWEVER, that's going to change.

So I have a question: would you recommend getting the new HD release over the original PS2 one? I'm thinking the HD version is the better choice considering you can get it bundled with ICO, which I also want to play.
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^yes, the new graphics are gorgeous, there's no reason to get the older version (ICO is also amazing)
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Only thing that bugs me on this game is how Wanderer rides his horse... His legs extend wayyyyyy out. Looks kinda like he is flapping wings. Overall the game is a masterpiece. I beat it around 9 times now.
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