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Posted 1/30/08 , edited 2/13/08
Describe you Noah here! I'll start first..

Name: Light coldblood(Sin)
Age: 15
Physical Description: Tall, Fairly muscular, Has a scar on left eye. silver eyes and Long, Red hair
Personality: Silent and Mysterious.. Often seen smoking just like Tyki (His cigarettes are non harmful.. It's just made of paper)
Past: Yagami awoke a few years ago but re-joined his family merely 2 days ago. He trained himself under Tyki and called him Myki-Sensei.. His power of the energy, (Shown in the current D.Gray Man intro) and manipulation of elements allows him to put his hand, part of his body or his whole being for that matter through anything without harming it.(Thank You Tyki!!) He hates the Earl of Millennium.
Weapons: Has two swords in the form of keys wrapped and slung on his back and a bamboo flute.
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28 / M / The Ark (Singapore)
Posted 1/31/08 , edited 1/31/08
nice thread...

Name : Prince Homa (Pleasures of Noah)
Age: unknown
Nationality : unknown
Physical Description: Tall, Slender (like tyki lols) , wears victorian gentlemen style clothes.
Has brown stylish curly hair.

Past: First Noah to be awoken after slipping into a coma after a freak accident. Followed the Earl for a few years and assisting him in downloading the ark, till the second Noah awakes.
the rest are unknown

Powers: Ability to interact with anything and control the force fields..
PLUS secret unknown abilities as the oldest child

Weapons: modified Teezes which are cannabilistic.
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25 / F / Singapore
Posted 1/31/08 , edited 1/31/08
Name: Kazuki Kakei (Faith)
Age: 15
Physical Description: Tall, Brown eyes and Long, Brown Black Hair

Personality: Cool and Helpful..

Past: Kazuki is a naive person in terms of his relationships. He trusted his friends even after they betrayed her

Weapons: Having a bell and a sword which can transform it to many weapons
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29 / M / Somewhere in Sing...
Posted 1/31/08 , edited 1/31/08

Name: Mad Fai Dal Walker...Madwalker for short
Age: 18
Group: Noah
Aspect of Noah : Feelings
Powers: Able to control the (near-by) surrounding,
be it the nature or machinery....
Nature: water or tree or ground will attack...but only can control one of the three
Machinery : Control them for a short period of time(30 sec to 1 min)

Carry a walking stick which is make out of Dark Matters
able to grow big or long at his Will...
when hit the ground with it (straight-up)
it able to send a force out which take a form of a Devil or a Dragon
named Devil Path and Dragoon Path
Devil Path: Dark Matter take a form of a devil and charge forward only...
Dragoon Path : Darl Matter take a form of a dragon and charge upward only...
(the power is not so strong despite the name....)

Physical description: black hair with some dye yellow, like to wear a mask to cover up,
got red eye on the left and blue on the right
personality :like to slack, like to eat curry udon, love to take a walk around near the people
hates.....: Earl being Angry.....
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35 / M / BlacK Order
Posted 1/31/08 , edited 1/31/08
Name: Blitz
Age: 25
Aspect Of Noahs: Musician
Powers: able to read and control the minds of enemies thrgh music and soundwave like powers which would shake grounds or a direct attack Can control the ark from a different room (entry only exclusive to the musician)
Weapons: A Flute

Past: Unknown.
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24 / F / Behind you...
Posted 1/31/08 , edited 2/1/08
Name : Sabuyasaki(Yasaki)
Age: 14
Nationality: Somewer around Africa(Should be fun xD)
Aspect of NOahs: Bonds
Powers:can imagine something simultaneously, they can manifest it in tangible form,is able to materialize anything desires, able to shot something accurately without seeing(cause bullets has eyes LOL)
Weapon: revolver
Personality: Straight-forward,playful and lyk to tease ppl
Past: Unknown
Habits : place a poker card besides the person he kills, never say NO to a battle

another half O_O

Name: Sabukiyuki(Yuki)
Age: 14
Nationality: Somewer around Africa
Aspect of Noahs: Bonds
Powers: Same as above
Weapon: Same as above
Personality: Big bully, clever but act stupid
Past: unknown
Habits : Same as above
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F / AmericA!!!!!!!!!!...
Posted 2/1/08 , edited 2/2/08

Name: Shadow
Gender: Female
Age: A little younger than Earl (maybe 8 or 9 years younger)
Personality: the kind of person who wants to be left alone.
Description: 6 feet tall,pretty face, long brown hair that curls at the bottom, blood red eyes, and a mouth with sharp pointed teeth.
Power: abilty to copy anyones innocence or weapon. cooks well. also can summon deadly snakes and snacks (if she gets hungry).
Carrys knives and swords all over her body, has gloves that do anything she wants. (Like if you grab them and throw them on the ground, they could punch you.)
Past: bloody and grewsome.
wants the most: all the exorcists to die.
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24 / F / breathing down yo...
Posted 2/3/08 , edited 2/3/08
Name:Canniliekay E.K
Gender:Female(lol ive confirmed it at last)
personality:tries to be always friendly,can be annoying,but my main priority is to always be friendly,even when i go massacre!:D
description:big eyes,short purple hair,spiked abit,strange black eyes(too black),and a strange broad friendly smile~and i love drawing too^^
power:i give ppl a hell of a headache with lame stuff,and with pyshic attacks.i have a charm in my soul called the Lady Luck which saves me from my greatest power is to kill with a smile(depends how hard my emotions are)and there is a secret weapon which i dont want to use,usually...
past:raised a bastard,and never day my powers awakened,n i became the happiest person in the world...
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29 / M / singapore
Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/6/08
those dat r not noahs can post here?
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24 / F / In my bedroom, se...
Posted 2/19/08 , edited 2/20/08
Name: Melanie Paiten (Resilience)
Origin: Scotland
Powers: This girl can go into some one's mind, without her body being left brain-dead, and make them self-destruct within the time limit of 30 seconds to a month.
Personality: Melanie is rather nice to humans and exorcists and shows no sign of hating them. Though, if she is to fight an exorcist, she will show no mercy. She also enjoys torturing her victim from time to time just to add a little fun into the mix~
Appearance: Her red hair reaches down to her neck and her bangs nearly cover her green eyes. She is about 3 inches taller than Road. She enjoys wearing outfits such as this:
Past: Her past is quite vague, but it is known that she was abused and she was shunned from her village for being a "devil child".
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Posted 2/25/08 , edited 2/25/08
name: darkz princess
age: 16
gender: female
physical description: 168 tall, fair, black hair, black eyes
personality: silent, hate to be easily control by people, had a secret love wif tyki : )
past: she was a princess in the past... but an enermy( was actually earl but she did not know) had control her kingdom and tortured her... earl came to 'rescue' her.... so she thought that earl was the one who save her so she help him....
weapon: a bow and arrows wif dark magics.. (alot kinds of magics..)
future: she knows tat earl was the one who take control of her kingdom so she try alot of ways to kill him... but failed.. at the end, she was been kill by earl .. and sad bcoz she cant be together wif tyki... : (

haha.. :))
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24 / my blog :P
Posted 3/5/08 , edited 3/5/08
whoa, just noahs here? lol
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M / The Tower of Books
Posted 4/4/08 , edited 4/5/08
lol quite interesting
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Posted 6/3/08 , edited 6/3/08
Name:Crusie Aloma
Personal:Like to kill exorcist alot and killed almost all the noahs has no more to kill
Weapons:A dagger with arrows that can shoot and it can change it size of the weapon and the changing of it size can be changed as large as a planet and the dagger has a backstab attack when the oppenent touches the dagger the dagger itself will become a robot and the robot is just like Crusie Aloma and it can attack its oppenent till the oppenent is dead as robot has no live
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