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The Anouki live in the Anouki Estates on the western side of the Isle of Frost in the southeastern sector of the World of the Ocean King, while the Yook race lives on the eastern side of the Isle. The two tribes had been fighting between each other for quite some time, and therefore, currently have a Peace Agreement. One noticeable trait of Anouki is that they never lie.

Deku Scrub

Deku Scrubs are small creatures about half the height of Adult Link. They appear to be made of wood, suggesting that they may have evolved from plants. Generally, they have red glowing eyes and leaves or other plant-like growths sprouting from their heads. Deku Scrubs, along some Business Scrubs, are capable of spinning the leaves on their head like a helicopter to fly great distances. As suggested by the Deku Royal Family, it is possible that monarchical Deku have fancier head growths, or that perhaps the monarchs are chosen by how extensive their head growths are. Deku Scrubs have the ability to spit Deku Nuts and Magic Bubbles at their enemies through their cylindrical mouths. Despite being made of what appears to be wood, a Deku cannot swim without drowning. On the other hand, their light weight allows them to hop over short distances of water, as well as stand on Lily Pads. Because of their plant-like nature, Deku Scrubs are also very vulnerable to fire, and perish very quickly if they come into contact with it. Deku are able to use Deku Flowers to launch themselves to normally unreachable places.


Fairies are often depicted as young women with wings and, sometimes, a wand. Another common depiction is a small orb of light with transparent, insect-like wings. They appear in a large variety of sizes, from human-sized Great Fairies to those small enough to fit in the palm of Link's hand. Many Fairies are able to produce their own light, or even change their color


Humans are a race of people that include Hylians, Gerudo, round-eared non-Hylian humans, and possibly other groups. Hylians and Gerudo have been referred to both as human and by their more specific race. The round-eared, non-Hylian humans however, are simply called humans.These non-Hylian humans are only distinguishable from Hylians by their short, rounded ears, as opposed to the long, pointed ears of the Hylians. The types of humans are capable of reproduction with one another; Gerudo females and Hylian males produce Gerudo offspring, and one character whose parents are a Hylian and non-Hylian human has a round-eared appearance.


a cautious, child-like and secretive race native to Kokiri Forest. The Kokiri believe that they will die if they leave Kokiri Forest, and therefore, they never leave the safe haven and know nothing about the outside world. It is revealed that the Kokiri can indeed travel beyond the forest limits. Some characters in other parts of Hyrule identify Link as a "fairy boy" from the forest, indicating that the outside world is aware of Kokiri even though they remain in the forest. All Kokiri are ageless, and while they appear as Hylian children, most have existed for centuries prior to the events of Ocarina of Time. Each Kokiri has a guardian fairy that functions as a friend, parent and teacher. The Kokiri are known as "the spirits of the forest" and were possibly created by the Great Deku Tree


They are a diminutive race the size of a thumb and can only be seen by well-behaved children. According to legend, they came from another world; this world can be reached when a door within Hyrule Castle Garden opens once every century. It is said that when monsters threatened mankind, the Minish gave a legendary sword, called the Picori Blade, and a golden light, called the Light Force, to the courageous Hero of Men, destined to ward off the monsters. One Minish mentions that Minish thrive off of making people happy.


They are a subterranean race that reside in the Eldin Volcano region of The Surface. Physically resembling a combination of a mole and a prairie dog, Mogmas are able to quickly burrow and resurface from underground. Mogmas are, by nature, compulsive treasure hunters, Fi mentions to Link that: "All Mogmas have a deep and abiding love of treasure" ; however, this character flaw is overshadowed by Mogmas' charitable nature towards those in need. It does, however, mean that Mogmas will often unintentionally place themselves in dangerous situations while attempting to find treasure. Mogmas were one of the five races to remain on the surface and assist the goddess Hylia in the fight to seal away the demons. All known Mogmas have a name based on a real world metal or minerals.


The Sheikah are an ancient clan of ninja-like warriors sworn to protect the Royal Family of Hyrule, even after death; as such they came to be known as "the Shadows of the Hylians". They were skilled in magical and combative art. It is assumed that many died during the Hyrulean Civil War and are considered almost extinct

Skull Kids

They are a race of diminutive, mischievous beings that reside in forests. When non-fairy folk get lost in Lost Woods, they are cursed to become Stalfos—but Navi suggests that when children get lost in the woods, they may become Skull Kids. While Skull Kids tend to be friendly toward children, they fear adults and will attack them on sight.


The Gorons are a humanoid, rock-eating race that dwell in the mountains. Despite their hulking appearance, Gorons are a relatively peaceful species. They are usually considered, perhaps superficially, to be of low intelligence, although there is no particular indication of this in the games; in fact, there is evidence to the contrary, such as their ability to industrialize ahead of all the other races
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