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These translucent, amorphous, featureless blobs are found commonly throughout Hyrule, especially in dark areas. Chus can merge with one another to progressively increase in size; when a merged Chu is struck, it will divide into two smaller Chus rather than perish. If Link fails to slay all of these fragment Chus quickly enough, they will rejoin into a larger Chu, forcing Link to start again. When a Chu is slain, a pool of Chu Jelly remains for a few seconds, which can be stored in bottles and used for various purposes. Chus occasionally attack by dropping down from ceilings; when they do so, they emit their trademark squelching noise, allowing Link to dodge them if he is fast enough.

There are varieties of Chus in all, distinguishable by their colors. Red Chus are fairly common, and their jelly refills eight hearts. Blue Chus are rare, and yield jelly that restores all of Link's health. Purple Chus are encountered the most often; their jelly usually recovers or drains a single heart, but will rarely restore all hearts, or even drain all health down to one quarter of a heart. Any time two differently colored Chus merge, they become a purple Chu, greatly reducing the usefulness of their jelly. THEY ARE NO THREAT


They are slow moving yet powerful knights, best known for their defensive capabilities. Typically, the thick armor and sturdy shields of Darknuts render them nearly impervious to frontal attacks, forcing their opponents to circle around and strike from behind. Their erratic movement patterns also tend to be quite a challenge, one that is only compounded when they appear in groups. Occasionally, their armor may be removed, revealing the creature underneath.


They are skeletal warriors who attack with swords, shields, maces, and even their own bones.

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