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Posted 4/15/14 , edited 4/15/14
I disagree with the article below:

Why you shouldn’t learn Japanese

Anyone with an interest in Japan should learn a little Japanese, I really believe. Daily life is much better when…

O.k., now my take. I admire all the people who study, and continue to study Japanese. Women are supposed to be good at languages, but I've met some guys that were phenomenal. All my respect to them. Nothing but respect and good wishes. The dude in the article seems to think most give up after a year and a half. Ha. He certainly has never met me. However, I am not super gifted in this area, so I have to keep plugging away. But although it may take someone like me quite awhile, I accept that, as I have Japanese family now. But some people do truly have a gift and can master the language quickly. It is not climbing Everest! Part of me thinks he is also trying to dissuade people. To avoid being shown up? Not I. It is good for the image of "foreigners" that there are sincere, dedicated people. It's not just about trying to pick up girls (I hope!?) people genuinely want to learn about the culture and there's only one way to do that on a deep, meaningful level.

The comments on the article are priceless, with some people complaining about Japan. But we can't fault some Japanese for not knowing certain things, just as we can't fault people here for not knowing much about Japan, especially considering the differing levels of education. That's my piece. But I choose to be hopeful, I choose to be optimistic. I have lived in a few countries myself, so I try very hard to put myself in other's shoes.
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