Too Much on Support Characters
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Posted 4/15/14 , edited 4/15/14
So I've been brainstorming for a while about this sci-fi story I want to flesh out. It revolves around a futuristic world that uses nano-robots to perform everyday tasks. However, some individuals take it to a new level by manipulating the nano-bots into weapons and the like to fight evil and blah blah blah.

Anyways, I want to have a crew of characters with unique traits and uses for their nano-bots. I have some neat ideas for some of the characters that will be just outside of the spotlight. For example, one is a deaf girl that commands her nano-bots using hand language and likes to turn them into dragonfly-esque wings for flight. I've got a couple characters like this, but I haven't had any good ideas for the main character. Everything I think of feels either really generic or cliche.

I'm wondering if anyone else has a similar problem where they have interesting support characters but nothing much for the protagonist.
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Posted 4/15/14 , edited 4/16/14
In my opinion, main characters usually start out weakest. Have the main character start out with as little as possible, like, with the experience of a new born, then build him up through conflict and developing relationships with support characters. In a sense, its good that you have a lot on support characters, but having too many makes it harder to end the story, and it keeps you from your priorities, the main character, and main plot progression.
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Posted 12/22/15 , edited 12/23/15
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