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Post Reply New Manga Titles and Catalog Announcements! Fuuka, Investor Z and Insufficient Direction!
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Posted 4/23/14 , edited 4/23/14

yomada6291 wrote:

Hopefully next week gets us more stuff.

"an entire slew of new manga titles this week" was
-one new manga simulpub + catalog
-one manga which was previously announced that is getting simulpubbed
-a one volume work

Also you guys should update this page

Yeah, that couldn't be "entire slew of new manga titles" in anyway.. Hopefully she held back "entire slew" of announcement for this week.
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Posted 4/24/14 , edited 4/24/14

evilware wrote:

Yeah, that couldn't be "entire slew of new manga titles" in anyway.. Hopefully she held back "entire slew" of announcement for this week.

Already Thursday and still nothing. Not even a hint.
The manga lineup page still wasn't updated

Hopefully this means that they will be updating the gaps for all the manga on here, excluding some of the licensed ones of course.

Btw, are they going to leave the word "NEW" on the manga tab for forever? It's just like the CR store was. How many months has it been already?
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Posted 4/26/14 , edited 4/26/14

darlingdanichan wrote:

Hey all! DarlingDaniChan here! I'm your new Manga Brand Manager and as my FIRST ACT OF DUTY, I bring you an entire slew of new manga titles this week!

First up, from Kodansha, Kouji Seo's Fuuka! You may recognize his name from A Town Where You Live!

New meetings always come suddenly! The protagonist, Yuu Haruna, moves into a new town where he meets a somewhat strange girl who doesn't have a cell phone. The girl, Fuuka, seems to have a strange allure that draws people to her, very much like a summer breeze. Looks like Yuu has been caught up in one wild love story!

Fuuka will be available TODAY, 4/15 at 4:00pm PST, simul-published with full catalog.

Territories: Worldwide except Japan, Algeria, Lebanon, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Morocco, and Switzerland.


The next piece of awesome news we have is that the simul-pubs for Investor Z by Norifusa Mita start TODAY!

Mita Norifusa, whose ""Dragon Zakura"" started a revolution in Japan's world of entrance exams, now brings you another school-drama manga about stock investments!

Zaizen Takashi passes his entrance exams at the top of the heap, and starts his first year in junior high school at Dojuku Gakuen, a 130-year old super-advanced institute of higher education. The day after the entrance ceremony, ""the secret"" of the school is revealed to him, which concerns the existence of an ""investment club,"" consisting only of the top student from each of the 6 grades.

Its club members have a mission. They must invest from a capital of 300-billion yen and yield a profit of 8%, which is their annual goal. This is why Dojuku Gakuen, boasting the highest standards of education in all of Japan, is tuition free.

"The most exciting game in the world. The ultimate game of ultimate thrill… In other words, money… Investments!" Here begins the story of the genius Zaizen, who bets the entirety of his youth on money. Learn, Zaizen... and make a bundle!!

Investor Z is available WORLDWIDE with simul-pubs starting TODAY, 4/16 at 4:00pm PST, along with the full catalog available for you!

That's all for today, folks. Keep an eye out for more announcements coming your way this week!


Alright, everyone! Final announcement for this week comes to you in the form of a one-shot by Moyoco Anno, Insufficient Direction!

When Moyoco Anno, the widely successful creator of women's manga,
married Hideaki Anno, creator of Evangelion and a director known to be
the very model of anotaku, she held one important doubt:

"Am I really ready to be an otaku's wife?"

Taking up that challenge, Moyoco Anno launched herself into the deep
and beautiful world of married life.

This comic essay, an account of the private lives of two of Japan's
most high-profile creators, is raw, unfiltered, and unforgettably

Insufficient Direction is available WORLDWIDE TODAY, 4/17 at 4:00pm PST.

This hilarious one-shot was published by Cork and is also available in print from Vertical.

Thanks so much for tuning in guys! Stay tuned for more manga announcements in the near future! ~ <3

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Posted 5/1/14 , edited 5/1/14
Fuuka is an amazing manga...why am I only seeing this news now? i wouldnt have wasted my time on other manga sites xD
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