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Posted 4/16/14 , edited 4/16/14
Hey everybody MeijiTenno here Im glad to be a part of the community, I suppose an interesting/ weird thing about me is that I speak German as a second language which in regards to anime is interesting AND weird bc I see German words popping up all over various shows.

I suppose it was a number of different things that got me watching anime. Well when I was 7 I certainly enjoyed Sailor Moon lol as well as some toonami, but the first anime I really watched was Death Note on a recommendation from my best friend. After that I didn't watch anime for several years until I went out with a girl who was seriously into it but she had good taste she was really into Hellsing Ultimate.

I haven't watched anime for almost 2 years now but I ended up on evageeks which led to me finding this site!

I am looking for a new series to watch, I'm in the mood for a scifi seinen show, a scifi anime for adults. Generally I'm more into seinen overall now. I'm also lookign for a good show about a detective, and if there are any good shows with a historical theme that would be great as well i.e. set in WWI.

So hello and nice to meet ya!

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Posted 4/16/14 , edited 4/16/14
Please introduce yourself in the correct thread
Introductions: http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-3/introductions

btw, hi to you too
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Posted 4/16/14 , edited 4/16/14

And I'm sorry, but I have to close this as a personal thread, and against the site rules. But! There are lots of places where you might want to say hi:

Also might want to pop over to the Recommend Me an Anime thread, they've got lots of suggestions, and are always open to someone asking for new ideas!

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