Best and worst lists.
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Posted 4/17/14 , edited 4/17/14
Here's My list. Been watching since 1996, first show was DBZ.

Shows on my top 20 are there because they portray either historical personal significance to me, or they were simply magnificently written with great characters and a complete and satisfying story. The shows on my Worst list are there for various reasons which I posted below.

Top 20

1. Toradora
2. Naruto
3. Trigun
4. Cowboy Bebop
5. Samurai Champloo
6. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
7. Dragonball Z
8. Soul Eater
9. Hunter X Hunter
10. Sekirei
11. Bleach
12. Yu Yu Hakusho
13. Golden Time
14. The World God Only Knows
15. Fairy Tail
16. One Piece
17. D. Gray Man
18. Yamadas First Time
19. My Bride Is A Mermaid
20. Henneko: The Hentai Prince

Worst Shows Ive Seen

1. G Gundam
2. Eureka 7
3. Infinite Stratos
4. Rouroni Kenshin
5. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
6. Say I love you
7. Oriemo
8. Dance in the Vampire Bund
9. Any Pokemon
10. Any Digimon
11. Sakura Trick
12. Another
13. Free Iwotoba Swim Club
14. Black Butler
15. Inuyasha
16. My Mental Choices

G Gundam, Infinite Stratos, Pokemon, Digimon, Sakura trick, Swim Club, and Black Butler. All made my worst due to lack of interest, frankly these shows either bored me to tears, or their premise was simply something I cannot relate to at all. Doesn't mean they are bad shows for what they are, they are just bad shows to me.

Eureka 7, Say I love you, Another, Dance in the Vampire Bund and My mental Choices. Were shows who's story or ending just wasn't impressive. Eureka 7's ending felt like the good guys were the bad guys the whole time and really nothing got resolved and the crisis for mankind just continued. My mental choices had alot of potential but they wasted it.

Rouroni Kenshin, Inuyasha, and SNAFU, Were shows that either ran in an infinite loop and never progressed after reaching a certain point, Or their character development stopped completely and the show died of natural causes.
Sad because all 3 of these shows had extremely good potential and were awesome early on.

Oriemo is a show that was hard to put on this list, but I felt the Protagonist got screwed over so badly, and some really sad stuff happened to the girls, he basically lost a girlfriend, disillusioned a bunch of girls and lost his oldest friend, just so he could have a better relationship with his sister. I felt like he was better off at episode 1 then he was at the end. Almost like backwards character development. If you watched the whole thing backwards it might be pretty good actually.
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Posted 4/17/14 , edited 4/17/14

Zimron wrote:

Here's My list. Been watching since 1996, first show was DBZ.


Hi! I'm closing this because we already have a Favorite Anime thread (and experience has shown that most folks posting in such threads don't make much, if any distinction between favorite and best), as well as a "worst" thread (in fact I found two recently active threads and will now be closing one as a duplicate). Please share your lists in these threads--links below.



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