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None of the gangs featured appealing to you? Have your own gang idea, but having trouble finding members? Advertise here! Simply provide all the information to your created gang.

People who wish to join these gangs featured here, you should quote their post if you're interested so they can get more members and become an official gang!

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None ATM

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Gang Name: Young Guns

Description: A diverse, Mafia style gang in search of a place to fit, and, possibly, conquer. Here, we're all accepted for who we are now, and what will come in the near future. The way we see it, it's all in the past; "that was then, this is now." Young Guns is the name, and intimidation is our game.


Leader: Maka_Evans - Ines Rousseau

Members Usernames and Character Names (so far):
  1. AkariTsukiyomi - Luca Montiego
  2. ChocoMooMilk - Sumina Kuroi
  3. Mimisushi - Kurumi Kurono
  4. here_be_dragons - Nero Kisaragi
  5. ForeverIsMyEternity - Train Heartnet
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Um hello! Is it fine if I wish to join the Young Guns gang? Or am I too late? I'm so sorry for the disturbance this may cause you!
(I'm going to post my chara tom., after exams, sorry 'bout that! I just want to ask and know ahead of time so I could still make some necessary changes C: )

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Do you love to play games? Would you like to play a game with us? If so, then are you ready to stake and lose everything you have?

Wild card and Dark horse, things that define us. We love to play around, mess with your pretty head and stir up troubles, watching our masterpieces on the sidelines. Who are we? We're Hyperion Altair, the strongest gamblers and most fearless risk takers. Our forte are games and technology, and no puny rules governs us; we do whatever we want, so long we win every "game" presented to us. Losing will never be an option, because we will come out on top and be the true conquerors of this game we call "Reality".

"The game is already predetermined after the first player's move. Are you ready to win or lose?"


Leader:: -Ataravia (Eous Dion)
Second In Command:: _melody_ ()

Members Usernames and Character Names (so far)::

1. Maka_Evans (Adrian Evans)
2. ANBUNinja60 ()
3. Mimisushi (Yumi Gingakei)
4. AIpaca ()
5. ber45347 (Shianne Sychronia)

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F / ♥ Home ♥
Posted 10/2/14 , edited 10/2/14

I am interested in joining this gang! C:
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Posted 10/2/14 , edited 10/2/14

Maka-chan will join~!! *secretly wants second in command position but doesn't care as long as I am a member* EXCITED~~!!!!!
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In my World...
Posted 10/7/14 , edited 10/7/14

...I wanna join too.
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Posted 10/15/14 , edited 10/15/14
My new character can join ♙ HYPERION ALTAIR ♟! <3
Posted 10/16/14 , edited 10/16/14
Yooo! Got space for me? I'll have a character up in a bit c;

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F / ⊰✿❀⊱
Posted 12/7/14 , edited 12/7/14
Can I join too? I'll be making a new character for it :3
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