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Posted 4/19/14 , edited 4/19/14
As a paying customer and supporter of CR, they should really take the small amount of time and money it would take to just fix or atleast reduce the amount of crashing this app does on the ps3. About 50% of the time i'm going to play an episode or just scrolling through it crashes gives me a black screen or kicks me out to the ps3 menu. I know this is a constant issue with literally everyone and not just a select few.

I say we should try and start a petition or contact CR directly to resolve these issues, this needs to be solved immediately, who's with me on this?
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Posted 4/19/14 , edited 4/20/14
I had the same problem. I bought a ps3 just because it had the Crunchyroll app. But then it came out on the 360 and I ditched my ps3
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