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Chinese BL Authors arrested
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Sogno- wrote:

Morbidhanson wrote:

Oh, trust me, I've met enough mainland people to form a generalization. The ones I can tolerate have mostly been raised in the US. I was raised in Taiwan and the difference between the countries is pretty huge.There are enough restaurants here in the US that allow me to enjoy the food without risking health for the street food there. Maybe cheap markets would be nice, but I wouldn't know. I don't buy much stuff to begin with.

Chinese American food is not the same as actual Chinese food. And I have no idea where the "street food" is coming from. Sure, they have street vendors, but so does the US. You can chose to buy from them or go to a restaurant. Just don't drink the water lol

ummm and I'm glad you can "tolerate" Chinese people. i am sure they overjoyed that they are tolerated.

either way, your loss. I loved visiting China and 10/10 would go again.

You wouldn't be so enthusiastic to interact with them if your people and theirs had as much friction between them as mine. The Chinese government is not fit to control a superpower in a responsible way.

As far as I'm concerned, the mainland just abuses its weight and makes assertions about what belongs to who because it knows it is big.

Probably more of a historic conflict issue for me, admittedly, since the two dominant backgrounds I identify with are polar opposites of China. Differing values that clash spectacularly. There are so many immigrants it is indeed possible to have authentic Chinese food in a better environment here. I'm im no hurry to go to such a crowded and crazy place. I'm trilingual, very much culturally-aware, southeast Asian and can MAKE authentic food...

They like to do things like ask me if I speak 'putong hua' (normal language, meaning mainland Chinese). It is like implying that only their language is normal. They generally have bad manners compared to what I'm used to, and are generally just a pain to deal with if they're straight from the mainland. Nobody from other countries ask me such a ridiculous thing. They tell me I am from China and tell me what I am whenever I answer their questions regarding my background. It is annoying and disrespectful, and almost all of them do it. They're also quite wasteful in general and do the most brazen, abrasive, and disrespectful things when seen from the eyes of someone of my background. Also, a disproportionately huge population of mainlanders are absolutely retarded when behind the wheel in a car.

My bad, I simply can't stand mainland China and most mainland Chinese. Time and time again, I find myself being irritated the same way as I interact with them. You might like the mainland, which is fine. I'm just giving reasons why I do not.
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