What's your opinion of Disney XD
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Posted 4/22/14 , edited 4/22/14
So at one point Disney abandoned their channel Toon Disney and replaced it with Disney XD bringing with it a new look, new shows, you get the picture

What do you think of it?

Frankly I didn't really like Disney XD and now looking back it feels like the whole channel was Disney's attempt to act 'cool'
From the name itself 'XD' which is now text speak for a giant smiling or laughing face
To the shows which were mostly action oriented
To the advertisements which acted all over the top, loud and acting strong

Now in some ways this was a lot like the old Toon Disney which also had it's Saturday Jetex which also tried to have loud over the top commercials and similar shows albeit cartoons

And then part of me wonders if they changed things up and made things so Disney XD was meant to market to boys where as they now seem to have the regular Disney channel marketing mostly to kids and young girls

What do you think?
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Posted 4/22/14 , edited 4/22/14
It's utter shit in my honest and humble opinion.
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Posted 4/22/14 , edited 4/22/14
Ah, Disney. To be fair, they did make some good cartoons and movies at one time.. but now, I can't see taking my kid to a Disney cartoon, especially one with one of those annoying, snarky characters, and adult in-jokes. And why, oh why, can one not watch Spirited Away without the annoying introduction by the bald Disney honcho acting as if he 'discovered' Miyazaki?? Ghibli films are family-friendly in a way that Disney is not anymore. It's sad.
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Posted 5/15/14 , edited 5/15/14
Disney XD is okay. Some of the shows are lame, but I like Phineas & Ferb. I'm also looking forward to Star Wars: Rebels, which will be coming to Disney XD.

So, it's got promise.
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Posted 5/30/14 , edited 5/31/14
The Disney Channel or Disney as a whole?
Disney Channel is for young children. It doesn't bother me but I'm not watching it.
They've made many beautiful and classic films over the years, and many um...less classic and beautiful ones. However I think their good films have outweighed their bad ones in the long run.
Also I love their theme parks.
Overall I love Disney.
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Posted 6/15/14 , edited 6/15/14
I'm watching Disney Channel instead of XD since I don't really like the shows on XD.

Yeah I'm a 19 year old who enjoy Disney Channel my family makes fun of me because it's childish though
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Posted 6/15/14 , edited 6/16/14


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