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Posted 4/23/14 , edited 4/23/14
So virtual me is Rangar95 (pronounced Ran-g-are). I am a college student and for the last two years have been watching a lot of anime. now i must admit i get waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to attached to my anime characters so i have major redrawl depression when i finish a series and allow myself to get absorbed into the character's emotions. So despite already being in two other anime groups i wanted to start one with the more emotionally invested fans. Hope people enjoy themselves
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Posted 4/26/14 , edited 4/26/14
Hello the name is PileOFilth or you can call me Juan/John either is fine. I got into anime not to long ago maybe 4 months. All though my Mom and Dad think it's childish of me to watch cartoons but they respect it and collecting the DvDs as well i really like the Romance and Comedys (So far my favorites are Myself;Yourself, Toradora and Mysterious Girlfriend X) <--weird i know haha.
Posted 4/27/14 , edited 4/27/14
Hello there, I go by the name of Tsumi here. I've got back into watching Anime 7 years ago. I'm the same as well, getting attached to a whole bunch of Anime characters, and feel sad once I finish a series. When I'm not watching Anime, I read Manga/various books, and play video games(mostly JRPG's.)
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Posted 4/27/14 , edited 4/27/14
Hey everyone nice to join ya, my name is Kyle :). I have loved anime since as long as i can remember ( i have a bad memory though so it may not be as long as i think xD) started from dragon ball z when i was about 7 years old and kinda spiralled out of control since. i have a bad habit of allowing my world to come crashing down when an anime ends, it always feels like i've lost a best friend :(. When I'm not watching anime, i'm reading manga or playing games which more often or not tend to be JRPGs. I hope to make a lot of friends with you all
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Posted 4/27/14 , edited 4/28/14
Hola this is Amonkey50 I'm still new on Crunchyroll but really like it so far I'm a complete manga and anime otaku (obsessed) I have 6 apps on my fone for anime, manga and just reading so i spend my entire time on my fone i did try to cut down by getting rid of one app however i was only able to get rid of one and i ended up re-giving all my faves to the app i still have I'm happy to meet like-minded people
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Posted 5/15/14 , edited 5/15/14
Hey~ I'm a bit late in posting here but I'm Kammath. The story behind my name is simple, when I was little me and my best friend played tons of imaginary games outside before he moved away. I needed to come up with a name for my "handsome roguish hero" in our games so somehow I came up with Kammath and I've used it online since :p.
Few things about me-
I have a hard time with super long series of animes that have hundreds of episodes.

While D. gray man and Attack on titan are in my top ten, My favorite animes are usually ones that can make me cry, because well I'll be honest, crying feels really good, and it is hard for me to cry about things in my life because I've tuned out so much of the white noise around me.

I want to get into reading manga again, but I have no clue where to start.

Lastly, I have the same-exact problem Rangar has with animes Once I finish a really moving anime I feel hollow and empty trying to live in reality and do struggle quite a bit. Also, I have quit an anime or two before because I couldn't stand some of the side-characters, the rage was real.

Please talk to me about anime you like sometime! :D
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Posted 5/15/14 , edited 5/16/14
Hey everyone, My name is Josh.

The anime I watch or manga that I read
: Kuroko No Basket, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Claymore, Attack On Titan, Iron Knight, Kagerou Days, Nanatsu No Taizai, Aku No Hana, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magi, No Game No Life, Beelzebub, Death Note, Sword Art Online, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Corpse Party, Another, Dangan Ronpa, Baby Steps

I play
J-Stars Victory Vs. - which is a video game containing many of the characters from Shonen Jump

I also get the same problem with Kammath and Rangar. It just bugs me, and no matter how much I tell myself, "Hey it's over, there is nothing you can do." I can never get over it. NEVER

What I would like:
- Bleach Anime to pick back up :(
- Breaks between seasons to not be long :(
- Never a rushed ending, especially on one that had good plot, and then at the end, BAM (Beelzebub)

Always open to suggestions for anime. I prefer something along the lines of:
- Action
-It's okay if it has already gone far into the anime, I don't mind

And if you have watched or read Anime/Manga that I listed, feel free to talk with me. If I ever argue about something, I promise it is not that I don't like, it's that I am stubborn and have to be always right.
Sorry that, that part of me is childish.

I got into anime when I was a child and I started with Naruto as my first one. But then I kinda drifted away from it, one big factor is that toonami restarted the whole Naruto series back to the beginning. So I kinda disappeared from anime. But then 1-2 years ago I got back into it. And all those anime/manga I listed, I started probably closer to one year ago. And I am up-to-date with nearly all of them.

Please talk to me


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