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Here's the infodata that you are to inquire to post =

Name of Kingdom/ Country (The name of your kingdom)
Location (There are 5 locations so far in the Kingdoms group; The Eastern Realm, Western Realm, Northern Realm, Southern Realm and the Middle Realm)
Year Established (For this group, we use the Second Age - just because your in the second edition of the Kingdoms group)
Kingdom/ Country Age (your kingdom's age)
Race/ Culture (your kingdom's dominant race and their cultures)
Kingdom's Area (how much large is your kingdom? in square miles - please out some realistic points)
Population (How many are your citizens in the kingdom?)
Capital City (your kingdom's capital city)
Background History (your historical background of your kingdom)
Affiliation (subordinate relationships/ special pact with another kingdom - optional)
Alignment (there are two side alignments in the Kingdoms group second edition; The Order and the Chaos, which attached with other side of forces; the Good, the Neutral and the Evil - For example. Order/ Good, Chaos/ Evil, Order/ Neutral etc.)
Religion (your kingdom's faith of worship)
Kingdom's Strength (point out your kingdom's advantage)
Kingdom's Weakness (point out your kingdom's disadvantage)
Military Power (your kingdom's military strength)
Kingdom's Flag or Coat of Arms (describe your kingdom's flag or Coat of Arms - pictures allowed)
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Posted 4/24/14 , edited 4/24/14
Name of Kingdom/ Country : Empire of Great Vathrulhein/ Vathrulheish Empire
Location : The Vorathian Continent - in the Eastern Realm
Year Established : 403 of the Second Age (After the Dissolution of the Great Kingdom of Vathril)
Kingdom/ Country Age : about 2200 years old.
Race/ Culture : Human (other races such as Elves, Orcs, Half-breeds and Dwarves). Undead are the minority race and located in remote, distant parts within Vathrulhein.
Kingdom's Area : about 564,000 square miles
Population : more than 37 million people
Capital City : Varvandium
Affiliation : Vorathian Commonwealth (A political union of two nations of the Vorathian Continent; Vathrulheish Empire and the United Lands of Eanthralhein)
Alignment : Order/ Evil
Religion : Faith of the Nine Gods (but most of the Vathrulheish people worship Lord Va'arinth or Varinthir, nephew of Khazaseth Allfather, Va'arinth was the Dark God of Netherworld. Also the patron deity of sorcerers, dark priests and necromancers.
Government : Magocratic/ Theocratic Monarchy (a government hierarchy with the highest and main authority of the practitioners of magic. This is often similar to a theocratic structured regime but ruled by the Emperor represented by the patron deity.)
Currency used : Gold Crowns or Ethirs, Silver Shillings or Domathirs, Gemstones and Mana Crystals (secondary commodity/ currency)
Background History :

Kingdom's Strength :
Kingdom's Weakness :
Military Power :
Kingdom's Flag or Coat of Arms :
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