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Good Way to Learn Kanji
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Posted 4/24/14 , edited 4/25/14

The only way to learn a language is to practice practice and practice. I dunno if they did this in Japan, but in china they made kids write words over and over again as homework. So that's pretty much the only way I can recommend, that and reading books, puns help a lot too.

Good Luck ;D
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Posted 4/25/14 , edited 4/25/14
Go look up:

Awesome language learning wisdom. They teach you how to learn languages without working hard and/or killing yourself(and no school). Most of these polyglots don't force their brains to remember things, only letting the languages wash over them. I regret not following their advice. I burned out eventually because I was naive about language learning so don't let the same happen to you. No method or amount of time spent is worth the burn-out.

I never cared to write kanji by longhand but I used the RikaiKun plug-in to learn roughly 1000 kanji in context in 3 months. Text hookers are cool if you like VNs. All I really did is read random stuff from Japanese websites and listen to random Japanese videos on youtube/niconicodouga. Heisig is popular on the internet but apparently it's not for everyone so you'd have to experiment.

I'm not so sure about needing the entirety of the jouyou kanji since the dude behind jalup says that out of heisig's 3000 kanji, only about 1900 are worth learning. Full grown Japanese adults have told me they can't read the harder jouyou kanji sooo... I can believe this especially since with just around 1000 kanji, the vast majority of the kanji I see on most things are known kanji except name kanji and then some. I just don't know many of the words.
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Posted 1/6/15 , edited 1/6/15

Ohori wrote:

Hello people of Crunchyroll,

I know that this question may not apply to everybody here.

What are some good ways to learn kanji?

I'm a high schooler who grew up in Japan and basically forgot a lot of the language because of speaking too much English.
I generally know the grammar of Japanese and daily-use vocabulary. My problem is, in order to reach a high level of proficiency (which is what Im planning to do throughout high school and probably into college) I will definitely need to learn all of the Joyo-Kanji.

I've looked at Heisig's Remember the Kanji, and while I like the idea, the fact that it is nothing but remembering the meaning bothers me.

I believe I have good memorization skills.

Can anybody recommend to me ways to learn this challenge of about 2000 kanji? Whatever it may be, just give me some advice

Thank you!

Oh and by the way I'm a noob at forums. So correct me on anything I'm doing wrong.

Practice and keep using the kanji. For resources, however, is a great study aid, you can make flash cards on the site and it will quiz you and based upon how long it took you to answer and whether your answer was correct or not, the site automatically schedules induvidual Kanji to be reviewed sooner or later. Another great resource is a site called Verbalplanet is a tutoring marketplace and you need to have skype to talk to the tutors. The way it works is, you find a japanese tutor and book a lesson at a time suitable for you.You need to set up a free account on the site to book lessons and you have to book each lesson individually. Once you have chosen a lesson time and are ready to book that time slot, you pay a small booking fee of a few dollars for lesson you book on Verbal Planet and then, after the lesson is finished your tutor will send a paypal invoice to you, where you will pay the remaider of the balace. Each lesson is 45 minutes-an hour and you can do whatever you feel you need work on. If you want to work on kanji ask your tutor to help you with kaji. A great tutor I recommend, if your interested and want a place to start on verbal planet is Rinko Sakuma. I will post the links to both sites below.


Posted 1/7/15 , edited 1/7/15
Pretend it's magic runes.
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Posted 4/19/16 , edited 4/19/16
op nuked
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