Post Reply Episode 3: Blindfold Code
Posted 4/26/14 , edited 4/26/14
Ossu! Episode 3 is out! What did you think of it, hmm~?

Here are the regular optional questions~

To the newbies:
Do you understand "Eye powers"? It's pretty important to the anime!
Name the power of the characters so far (that has been mentioned: Kido, Kano, Momo, Seto, Marry). It helps understand the anime if you understand their powers.
Are you confused from this episode?
Did you understand that what happened in episode 1 is linked with episode 3?
The little clips at the end are starting to piece a lot of a character! (Note to fanbase: Avoid mentioning her for spoilers) It's important to the story, have you been sticking around them?
Rate the episode on 5!

To the ones already in the fanbase:
I honestly don't have any questions...
Did you like the cover for Blindfold Code? Yes/No and why?
Kido's poses. 'nuff said.
Rate the episode on 5!

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