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27 / F
Posted 4/28/14 , edited 4/28/14
Hi guys, I'm Marina and like many here, my interest are kind of all around. I like Japanese music (pop, rock, metal, traditional), some Korean, and a few American artists (rock and dubstep, mostly) -- my mother tongue is Japanese, so about 90% of what I listened to growing up was Japanese.

Here are some artists that I'm into:
Dir en grey
Paul Dateh (
Do as Infinity
Yoshida Brothers
Yuya Matsushita
TM Revoltion

Also a huuuge page of seiyuu's singing (like Miyano Mamoru, Mizuki Nana, Namikawa Daisuke)

Anyone else a fan of voice actor/singer hybrids? :3
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23 / O / Under your blankets
Posted 4/29/14 , edited 4/30/14
Hiya, Amay here, I am a music person in both listening and playing, and enjoy listening to varying types of music.

I'm mostly just a person who likes listening to instrumentals, so most vgms in video games are a nice thing for me. I got into listening to music from my rock-enthusiast brother and I really don't have a favorite band. I like plenty, but nothing really stands out.

I'm a very rhythmic person, tapping along to things even if they aren't my taste, and usually walking while in beat to the song i'm listening on my mp3. It's a neat thing for me, and I very much enjoy it.
Posted 4/30/14 , edited 4/30/14
HEYO, I am here and I play the musics. I like alot of different shit, but I am not someone who will listen to anything/everything. That is all.
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23 / Somewhere Someplace.
Posted 4/30/14 , edited 5/1/14
Hello, time for a re-introduction! I am Black Locust, I am open to any kind of music, but I tend to lean towards Trance and Progressive. One of my favorite songs would be called JPL - Whenever I May Find Her (Joni Remix) and here is a link to the song, which has an amazing fan-made animated music video:
Anyways, hopefully I can get to know you all again and any of the new members in the group!
Posted 5/5/14 , edited 5/6/14
my name is Emilio and i like long walks on the beach and fried chicken
i like all kinds of music but lately i've been listening to a lot of alternative r&b
im planning on making music soon in the future in the alt r&b genre as well
my favorite artists atm are Spooky Black, The Weeknd, Bones, SZA, Kissed Killed, MF Doom, Mac Demarco, Teen Suicide, and Blood Orange
i also repost tons of great music on my soundcloud
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24 / M / Swedish Street Life
Posted 5/6/14 , edited 5/6/14
Hello people i´m Tom i almost only listen to underground rap but some rock can slip in also
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Posted 5/14/14 , edited 5/14/14
Hi! I'm GxCoud. You may call me Coud or JM if you want. I like japanese music (pop, rock and kei), power metal, acoustic, punk, rock, and alt. Nice to meet you!

I don't particularly like k-music though. Well, except for Younha.

Anyway, nice to meet you!
Posted 5/17/14 , edited 5/17/14
Hey Im Tre'! Im 15. I listen to about anything but im mostly into rap and hip hop and i hate country music with a burning passion. lol Nice meeting you guys. ( i suck at introductions if you can not already tell )
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Behind you
Posted 5/18/14 , edited 5/18/14
I'm Kaori. I'm a musician and artist/ music writer. I love to sing as well! I play piano, clarinet and flute (clarinet for marching band and orchestra) umm~ I'm in two bands and one orchestra. I write music on something called musescore..

I love all kinds of music :3 especially kpop, jpop, and Bollywood. But Bruno Mars is my favorite artist

Nice tower everyone!
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26 / M / the digital void
Posted 5/26/14 , edited 5/27/14
Hey, I'm the Sad-weeb.
Dad named me after Monk.
I run a late night radio show in college.
Lately ive been catching on to west coast animepunk bands like Astroskeleton and Meishi Smile.
My taste ranges from Sawns to Kyary an pretty much everything in between.

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24 / F / New Jersey
Posted 6/12/14 , edited 6/12/14
Hey my name's Sora. And I love different kinds of music; electronic, indie, chillstep, dubstep trance, acoustic, piano, symphony, orchestra, classical and vocals. My favourite music artists are Utada Hikaru, Younha, and the Paper Kites. It's also my dream to pursue a future career deeply involved with music. Anyway hope everyone's doing great and it's nice to meet you! [:
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F / Earth Realm
Posted 11/24/14 , edited 11/25/14
Hi and Hello, I go by Mony-B. I have many interests, but nothing moves me like Music. Music is my coping mechanism and passion. I listen to bands ranging from Glassjaw , Deftones, Fear Factory, Pantera , Volumes , A Perfect Circle. I also like spoken lyrical words from artists like Sage Francis, Cage. Gorillaz, 311, to artist Like Tori Amos and others( can't help it sometimes I just want to hear piano in a song). Too many bands to name. My great adventure would be to find new artists and music to love and make my own.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 11/25/14 , edited 11/25/14
^,^ hi there new to the group plz feel free to add me as a friend~
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25 / M / 21st Century, Earth
Posted 12/16/14 , edited 12/16/14
Yo. Name's -GL- here on CR, but in the real world I go by Nate. Been making music for about two years

Essentially, I'm into all types/forms of music, (EDM, classical, indie, etc.), and occasionally call myself a music hobbyist because I'm ALWAYS, (no joke), on my computer arranging/covering VGM songs, etc. When I don't have the time, you can find me chilling to some tunes here and there...that or I'm dead asleep haha...

But yeah. Thought it'd be nice to join a music-lover group that's not affiliated to only one type of music genre. In my opinion, music is life; it's open-minded and uncaged. And how we choose to express ourselves with any given music is how music will evidently evolve

Nice to meet you folks
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somewhere in neve...
Posted 12/25/14 , edited 12/25/14
Ayo everyone, Sayu here ;3 Been a member of this group for a while now, just haven't had the chance to introduce myself. So yeah. I LOVE MUSIC, woop!

I listen to just about everything really. In general, I'm into a lot mainstream pop and rock but I've started exploring indie too and a lot of electronic music. My favorites atm include songs from Atlas Genius, Bombay Bicycle Club, Bastille, and just about every song featured on Song of the Week (like srsly guys, check it out!)

Was nice meeting everyone
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