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Posted 3/16/15 , edited 6/11/15
I'm Rumi.

I like classical, rock, electronic, and pop.

I got into One OK Rock recently.

Deco27-p is one of my favorites for virtural idol music producers (Hatsune Miku)
I like Wotamin as well (she makes great covers)
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23 / F / California
Posted 6/8/15 , edited 6/11/15

(◕‿◕✿) moonbox // nikki // female // twenty

sassy, silly and sometimes sarcastic, but also with a big heart. i joined this group in the hopes of making new friends because i generally ama friendly person ^^;; i'm super quirky and can be all over the map, but getting to know people is the best! currently my favorite anime is sword art online - my favorite manga has always been fruits basket ... i am also a fan of game of thrones & true detective!!! mmm matthew mcconaughey ♥ fav music includes but is not limited to electronic, jazz, pop, psychedelic rock, indie. i love the new tame impala album!!

Posted 6/10/15 , edited 6/11/15
HI all my name is rose (some people call me exiled, rose, or just exiledrose)

Anyway I love all genres/types of music but if I had to seriously choose just one it would be J-pop. Now for Artist have no idea lol. I have to many favourite artists to choose from.
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somewhere in neve...
Posted 6/11/15 , edited 6/11/15
Welcome Rumi, Nikki, and Rose!

Hope you enjoy hanging out and discovering new music with us <3
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22 / M
Posted 6/25/15 , edited 6/26/15
Yo everyone, MU5TAKRAK15H here.... wishing i could change my name.... but anyhow... Looking forward to talking to you all about music and mayhaps more?

When it comes to music, i listen to WAY too much J-music, but in no way is that a bad thing, right?

If its not J-music, its more than likely heavy, like metalcore and all of those stupid subgenres, and when not that itll be the odd alternative rock or pop-punk exception.
But when it is J-music, i range from anything like Foreground Eclipse and other TouHou related awesomeness, to the magnificence that is Eir Aoi or the heavenly Nagi Yanagi.

I basically listen to every opening and ending of anime, then download / purchase them as soon as i can, so its hard to say any favs, but according to my iTunes, i got:
Unravel - TK from Ling Tosite Sigure
Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari - Supercell (Nagi Yanagi)
and omg
二人の結晶-INNOCENCE- - 暁Records

Enough about me now, see yall around!
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Posted 7/30/15 , edited 7/31/15
Hey guys, didn't see this here. My name is Enzo and yeah, love music and going to shows. Used to be a college radio DJ so if you've done that we should share stories or something. ((:

I mostly listen to Alt. Rock. Specifically shoegaze, dream pop, lo-fi, and emo. Some stuff I've been listening to the past week are:

-What Moon Things
-Dream Shake
-Joyce Manor
-Alex G

Down to talk whenever.
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20 / M / Lincoln, Nebraska
Posted 7/31/15 , edited 7/31/15
I'm Emilio and music is my life. I listen to all types of music but mostly underground rap and r&b and alt. rock. I have a soundcloud where I post music from artists and producers that I like. There's nothing better than finding new artists to listen to. I try to update daily (-:
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20 / F
Posted 3/23/16 , edited 3/24/16
Hi I'm Jay1d1 ( on other social sites I go by Jay Okumura) and my favorite band is ROOKieZ is PUNK'd.
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