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How is Blood C?
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Posted 10/20/14 , edited 10/21/14
well i thought id resurect an old thread instead of making a new one.
just finished blood C and the last dark, OMG so love it!

if you start it, dont quit till episode 6. a very well put together story. saya is badass. alexis tipton is PERFECT. this is the first time ive heard her in such a serious roll. the screams (always a sore point in VA for me eng or jap) were good. as in perfect. a real, painful, scream, not the ususal dub fake. (reminds me of season 2 ending of familiar of zero.)

its very gruesome. makes elfin lied look cartoonish. art is very good. its short, but paced very well.

as far as blood+, they are very different (stopped at ep 20 me). blood+ felt more serious, more dramatic.
blood C felt more like alfred hitchcock in the beginning and just epic badass in the end.

i did enjoy saya K vs saya O more. tho i love the angsty teen saya O, but IMHO
still have not seen the origonal.

just had to rave about it somewhere!

and light spoilers for the 12 episode season

cant read this, tho. guess ill translate it later.

Posted 10/20/14 , edited 10/21/14
It was atrocious.

Demon Blender Rabbits were the best character of the show.
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Posted 12/27/15 , edited 12/28/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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