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Posted 4/29/14 , edited 4/30/14
by FloydYoder

Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro is an interesting sports series now available on Crunchyroll. It is the story about a roughneck, country boy who has never worked hard in his life and his journey in becoming a full fledged sumo wrestler. There are many ways to start the discussion about a new series and I think the best place to start is the main character and there is a lot to say. Matsutaro Sakaguchi is our main character and boy is he a jerk. In the first scene, we see him at middle school (even though he is an adult) and he sleeps in class, blatantly steals another person’s test and yells at his teacher. He doesn’t stop there, in the same episode Matsutaro steals candy from a child, splashes some random women, steals another man’s lunch, and hijacks a truck. So as you may have guessed, Matsutaro does not care about anything or anyone other than himself. Thing about Matsutaro is he is huge and impossibly strong, so there has been no one to stop him from doing whatever he wants. In fact the only thing that he seems to pay any mind to is his crush, a teacher named Minami.

So far, the series has been a little slow. The first few episodes seem to just be establishing Matsutaro as a lazy, worthless lout with no motivation or care in the world. Most of the gags are people earnestly talking with Matsutaro and him blatantly ignoring them. Even when he comes fact to face with actual sumo wreslters he insults them to their faces and provokes a fight with them simply because he can. By now Matsutaro is now in the world of sumo but his habits still haven’t changed and he has spent his first days annoying everyone in the stable. However, the latest episode has given Matsutaro a little bit of motivation at last.

Despite its slow start I’m looking forward to seeing how the series develops. At first I was turned off by how unlikable the main character is but I soon realized that changes of character are often the centerpiece of sports series. Shy characters typically gain confidence and arrogant characters typically learn humility. I wonder if Matsutaro’s character arc will mirror the arc of Joe Yabuki of Ashita no Joe/Champion Joe (another series by Tetsuya Chiba) and have the arrogant Matsutaro becoming more and more humbled by the sport he is in or if they will go a more comedic route of having him be an insufferable genius. Either way, I hope the execution will be well done and satisfying. if you have an interest in sumo or are in need of a new sports series you can check out Rowdy Sumo Wrestler here at Crunchyroll.
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