Antitheses in anime
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Antithesis (noun)- a person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else.

So what anime do you consider to be an antithesis of another anime?

Example: Seitokai Yakuindomo is the antithesis of School Days because SYD is lighthearted while the latter is overly dramatic.
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GANTZ and Fairy Tail have got to be antitheses of each other.

The only similarities being action and fanservice.

GANTZ relies on the "everyone sucks all the time" approach to characterization, while Fairy Tail has the position of "nearly everyone is a potential friend."

The author of GANTZ says that his least favorite cliche in anime is cat-girls. Fairy Tail has cat-girls everywhere.

They really are total opposites of each other in a way lol

Durarara!! and Valvrave are definitely opposites in terms of the themes they express.

Durarara!! (or some parts of it) basically says that it's okay for people to have secrets, and that there's a good reason if people put up a psychological front - either to protect themselves or others.

Valvrave says that if no one holds any secrets, and the government does no covert-ops, then eventually the honesty between everyone will lead to everyone doing better things and being better people.
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Higurashi no naku koro ni is the antithesis of Azumanga Daioh because while they're both centered around friendship, they're complete opposites in terms of presentation and content. Higurashi is dark and often misleading (in a good way, mind you) while Azumanga Daioh is straightforward and has a very bright, whimsical tone.
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One Piece is the antithesis of Death Note, while One Piece is a fun, light-hearted adventure; while Death Note is a dark, mentally focused drama
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