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Posted 4/30/14 , edited 4/30/14
When exploring new series to watch, having tags for the series are usually quite helpful in deciding whether to explore it a bit further. For example, I may want to ignore a show because it was tagged dogs but I may be more interested in this other show about cats.

Some shows do have tags against them but quite often they are not very useful. For example, if you take Hunter x Hunter, the tags are

anime, hunterxhunter, hunter x hunter, yu yu hakusho, yoshihiro togashi, gon freecss, killua zoldyck, kurapika, crunchyroll hunter x hunter, shonen

Quite a few of these appear to be for SEO purposes (?) but don't convey much useful information.

If you let a lot of the anime lovers here do the tagging and show the most popular ones (or whatever mechanism you decide upon), the tags can be far more useful.
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