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Posted 5/1/14 , edited 5/1/14
This feed is for the purpose of gauging peoples thoughts on the songs of the week. Not only that but I want it to be used for people requesting a genre by which for me to define my search for the next song of the week. Thanks guys
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Posted 5/7/14 , edited 5/7/14
hm well there's something I thought sounded sort of up beat I like happy music. Its by Fox Stevenson - Turn it up. I love the words and electric feel of it. also coyote kisses - Azure. That's the kind of stuff I like. Btw I go to the music lounge probably once a day or so because im still trying to figure out how it works lmao
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Posted 11/24/14 , edited 11/25/14
S.O.T.W. Artist : Digitalism, Song : Second Chance

My thoughts.... The song was upbeat, strong, modern . Vocals were great and I appreciate that he sang in different melodic ranges which matched the beat and rhythm . Closing my eyes and listening to this song I imagined dancing on a cloud at some Heavenly Rave. (sorry randomness peaking out ) All and all it was great. The song didn't lag. Definitely one for my i-touch (yeah..I still use mine) for when I am in the mood to transcend into a different realm of thought in a positive way.
Posted 5/21/15 , edited 6/11/15
a request for song of the week: sometimes I feel so deserted- the chemical brothers
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