Good hardcore / gabber / breakcore / weird?
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Posted 5/3/14 , edited 5/3/14

anyone have some fun links?
i'm into lots of music, but today looking for something along the lines of
hardcore / breakcore / gabber / digital hardcore etc.

BiS / "STUPiG(Special Edit)" Music Video -
i found this very enjoyable in terms of sound and visuals
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Posted 5/14/14 , edited 5/15/14
Angerfist, Miss K8, Outblast, Nosferatu, Mad Dog, Anime, and Igor are all fairly good hardcore producers/DJ's put their stuffs more hardstyle-ish than gabber-ish. DJ Technorch makes some pretty good gabber though -
Posted 5/16/14 , edited 5/16/14
^ Great artists btw (:

J-Core artists

RoughSketch - No More Loop

t+pazolite vs RoughSketch - Peaky Cheeky

t+pazolite - Kick-ass Kung-fu Carnival

DJ Noriken, REDALiCE, Aran, Dj Genki, DJ Shimamura, P*Light, Hommarju, DJ Sharpnel.
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Posted 5/29/14 , edited 5/30/14
Here are some random tracks I picked out from my collection. I'll add more a bit later.

m1dy - Bad Girl


DJ Myosuke - Neverland

you - Ajuga

DJ Technorch vs. Unuramenura - Mind of Mind (GORE TECH Remix)

GORE TECH - TheDamager

GORE TECH - Dubwar

DJ Skull Vomit - Antigoon (Gut Sucking Sluts Remix)

Filthy - Roots

Filthy - HIGH RISK

Xystran - Tell Noize Again

Jugem-T - AutobahnCrasher

Kobaryo - chaotic solutions (Album XFade Demo)

Noizencio - Make 2 D-Music

Noizencio - Regenerate Sky

源屋 feat. Azsa - Android Conflict (Noizenecio Remix)

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Posted 6/2/14 , edited 6/3/14
would breakbeat hardcore/old school UK rave suffice from roughly 1991-1992? if you're familiar with jungle/drum & bass and happy hardcore, it served as the precursor to these two kinds of music:

Some live mixes:

Going to include some darkcore, mainly 1993, that served as a transition from hardcore to jungle:

Will post some classic happy hardcore (English, Scottish, and Dutch happy gabber) later on
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