Turn Based RPG Strategy Games!!
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Posted 5/4/14 , edited 5/5/14
so me and my cousin were talking about the good ol pc gaming RPG turn based strategy days....

and i remember the good ol days playing the original PC Warhammer 40k turn based strategy games, civil war hex based games, the old school Fallout series, Jagged Alliance 2, XCOM....i thought the genre was going to die but lately on the iOS there have been numerous turn based strategy games that have been hitting the market....so apparently things are starting to pick up once more! (also i'm thinking of purchasing the newest shadowrun game for PC)

but anywho....although nowadays i dont believe that the new generations have the attention span/intelligence/patience to play such deep strategic games, what do you think would be a good theme that would fit the turn based strategy genre? RPG and/or strategy ideas would be preferred! let me know what type kind of background theme you would like in such a genre!

i was thinking maybe something like a new jagged alliance type game (loved the series)

or maybe even something being inspired from attack on titan?!
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Posted 5/19/14 , edited 5/19/14

I'm a big fan of TBS games but there really has been a lack of good ones recently and just general creativity. My ideal game would feature mechanics like Valkyria Chronicles with a bit more heavy focus on RPG elements like Fire Emblem and perhaps more variety of mechanized units and vehicle tactics like Advance Wars. Perhaps a touch of management like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

-The 'Blitz' gameplay of Valkyria Chronicles
-RPG-like individual character progression
-Management, the ability to change a character's role and putting them in the best position to succeed
-Lot's of equipment and weapons with upgrades
-Permadeaths and recruiting
-Great emotional character-centric story with dynamic character relationships
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Posted 12/25/15 , edited 12/25/15
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