Post Reply Trouble Will Find Me (The National Album)
Posted 5/5/14 , edited 5/5/14

Slipped: This is my favourite track from the album because... those first line and second line... gosh, they are so DEEEP, "I'm in the city you hated, my eyes are fallen".
These lines, "I'm having trouble inside of my skin, I'm keeping all my skeletons in" resonates with me really well for some reason, although I have no idea what he's trying to say, lol.

Posted 5/5/14 , edited 5/5/14
This is the last time: My favourite lines from the song; "I was thinking that you'd call somebody closer to you, Oh! But your love is such a swamp, you're the only thing I want"
"Jenny I am in trouble, can't get these thoughts out of me, Jenny I am seeing double, I know this changes everything"

"Baby you gave me bad ideas,
Baby you left me sad and high"
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