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Model Paint
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Posted 8/19/14 , edited 8/19/14
Just want to second the Primer comment, make sure you pick up a can of it. Duplicolor sand-able primer is pretty great stuff, and cheap to. As for paints stick with Acrylics.

I use a pretty wide variety of paint i'll try to give you a brief over view.

Game works shop- Wonderful washes, Well worth the money. The rest of the line is very user freindly high in pigments and price, Not sure this be my first recommendation any more the washes are a must though
Reaper- I have no real gripes about reaper paints they are pretty comparable to the other model paints. There Flow improver is my favriot product in the whole world!
Badger- Badger makes some really bad ass paints for airbrushing with. If you havn't ever shot any of there ghost tints yet holy crap they are awesome.
Vallejo -has long been my go to, great color range and even an airbrush line.
Createx i just started using, huge boon is the price and the quanity of paint you get its fansatic blows ever one else out of the water. I primarly use their airbrush line, my only gripe would be alot of the colors seem to have a gloss like finish but nothing a dull coat can't kill. I really love this stuff and serious i got like a 16oz bottle of black from them for 20 bucks thats an inane amount of paint. If your an airbrusher i would highly suggest giving their high flow starter set a try. I see we have a few folks who are
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Posted 12/23/15 , edited 12/23/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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