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Posted 5/5/14 , edited 5/6/14

last week severak new mangas were add to german account. Like Sun-Ken-Rock, Fairytail, etc. I could read Sun-Ken-Rock on last friday und did this for 5 books. I wanted to continue yesterday but this wasn't possible. Every manga that has been added last week only the simulpub reader is loading but with no content at all. No pages, no chapters, nothing. What can I do.

Thank you for your help in advande

sincerely yours
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Posted 5/6/14 , edited 5/6/14
Hi Florian,

i just wanted to give u an answer to that post.

I have the exact same problem, a Manga that i already read or opened once, works but everything else won't.
Looks like some kind of issuse at the moment, i will keep waiting and hope for a cure.. before my all access runs out.
Maybe its a regional thing?

with regards


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Posted 5/8/14 , edited 5/8/14
Yeah got same problem.
Great impression from my trial. Guess i wont sub.
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Posted 5/10/14 , edited 5/10/14
Same problem, most of the manga that made me upgrade my subscription are gone.
Specifically 'Attack on Titan' and 'Mysterious Girlfriend X' both of which I was really looking forward to reading.
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Posted 5/14/14 , edited 5/14/14
This was an error on our development end. Please note what titles are available in your region, you should be able to access those. Kodansha titles are currently not available in Germany and it was our mistake making them live, however we are working on getting more for you! Please be patient, we appreciate your ongoing support and feedback!
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