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Otakus and Weeaboos: where is the fine line?
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Posted 12/11/14 , edited 12/11/14
kurisu-sensei, we finally agree on something. Weeaboo is not a term I feel should be validated, as it's a nonsense word, but I was answering the topic as posted. The fact is, whether you or I like it, weeaboo IS in common usage at this point, at least among anime fans. I spend enough time watching the anime chat I happen to mod to know that for sure, because I see it used in conversation at least a dozen times a day. And, to be perfectly honest, I've argued with many people that they shouldn't call others weeaboos, then I realized how much it thoroughly annoys me when someone comes into the chat, and proceeds to slaughter the little bit of Japanese they think they know, then claims to be a real anime fan. I find it to be disrespectful of Japanese culture, but the same would hold true if they were doing the same to the German language, or any other language. I ended up giving in on the term weeaboo when I couldn't think of anything else to call this kind of "fan."

I personally feel anime has the potential to be one of the best vehicles for social commentary with the widest range of appeal available to us in the 21st century, so I don't particularly like it when people minimize its importance by showing their fandom in a culturally insensitive manner.
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