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The Travelling Library, a treasure almost lost to this world. Residing in no one place, the record keepers within dedicate their lives to collecting knowledge. You find yourself today within a great room, staring into the pale blue eyes of the eldest record keeper. A quill in his hand, he prepares to take down the history of your kingdom, to be added to the thousands of tomes surrounding you.

Surprisingly, upon the table before you is a sheet of parchment, written in your own language.

Your countries name, and age of the current ruling system.
Information on the ruling system, be it a monarchy, government or other.
Details on the history of the kingdom, how it was formed and important events since.
People of note, famous or important.
Any places of note within the kingdom, countries, cities, religious sites or buildings.
Military information, strength and details, if any exists, and any allies.
Currency, and any trade information with other kingdoms.
Religions followed, and language spoken.
Are your people educated, have you solid infrastructure.
Describe the people, any common traits which may exist.
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Name of Kingdom : Empire of Great Vathrulhein/ Vathrulheish Empire

Location : The Vorathian Continent - in the Eastern Realm

Year Established : 403 of the Second Age (After the dissolution of the Great Kingdom of Vathril)

Kingdom Age : about 2200 years old.

Founder : Varvandine the Conqueror

Race/ Culture : Human (other races such as Elves, Orcs, Half-breeds and Dwarves). Undead are the minority race and located in remote, distant parts within Vathrulhein.

Population : more than 132 million people

Capital City : Varvandium

Religion : Worship of Lord Khazaseth; the Dragon of Darkness and Sorcery, the Keeper of Secrets. Also called the Netherworld God by the necromancers of Aldameria. Other lesser gods affiliated to Lord Khazaseth are also worshiped. Imperial cults and magic covens are in part within this religion.

Government : Magocratic/ Theocratic Monarchy (a government which the authority is on the hands of the practitioners of magic. This is often similar to a theocratic structured regime but ruled by the Emperor represented by the patron deity.)

Background History :

Kingdom's Strength : Vathrulheish Empire have two things in their grasp; invincible military might and powerful magic users makes the empire outstanding to oppose any obstacles from outside and inside their nation. As also they are keeping their learning of new tecnologies widespread especially when involves magic. The empire has the ability to breed and train dragons; but it was strictly only for the imperial armies and to certain vassal lords (who have ancient lineage from the Vhar Dynasty). It is deadly forbidden for any other vassals or even the barbarians to acquire these battle dragons.

Kingdom's Weakness: Hard centralization, strict bureaucracies and overcrowded population within the empire itself. The more vast territories of the empire makes it harder to administrate. The empire had to halt it's inner continent expansion and decided on colonization in the overseas, but that doesn't solved anything. Vathrulheish Empire is not only has to manage all it's imperial provinces and colonies, but it's vassals as well - countless of feudal vassal lords.

Military Strength :
List of Military Units =-

Kingdom's Flag or Coat :

Other Notes
Places =
~ Varvandium (the imperial capital city of Vathrulheish Empire. Other name of Varvandium is called the 'Eternal City'. The city was a bustling metropolis; that stood more than 2,000 years. The city was built by the High King of Vathril, Varvandine the Conqueror after uniting all the kingdoms in the eastern Vorathian Continent and established a dynasty of House Strallvania. The city had been in several or more disasters back then, but quickly rebuilt it. The city was established near a great river, River Avhar - named after the Vhar Dynasty, that leads to the eastern seas. Varvandium remained the residential homeland of the later rulers, especially the emperors of Vathrulheish Empire.)

People =
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Kingdom Name
The Dark Empire
Consisting of eight countries:

Kingdom History

People of Note

Places of Note
In the floating city of Aland, made of the strange purple stone somehow connected to Cheesu, and brought with him from the other world, reside the only mages trusted to learn the Soul magics and Death magics. Once empty, now the city seethes with thousands of mages, all seeking to outdo one another to gain favor with their God.
In the center of the city lies the great tower, home to Cheesu. Within rests the Soul Vault, which holds the souls of all the Watchers.
All Priests of the One must come to Aland to study within the temple, a dark, forbidding building around which many strange and frightening rumors are formed.

More to come

A lot of focus in the Dark Empire is placed on it's military strength. Even the people themselves are bred to be taller, stronger and more powerful magically than their rivals.

The Worship of the One God Emperor of Mankind.
No one within the Empire, could, or would want to, deny the fact their their Emperor is a God among men. None know that he is not truly from this world, or that he has the power ripped from the Atlantean gods of Death, Pestilence and Famine. What difference would it make though.
Every major city has a temple, and every village a church dedicated to Cheesu's worship. At death, every Imperial citizen's soul is gathered by Cheesu, stored deep within his tower on Aland.

With entire countries dedicated to production, and farming, the Empire finds itself with an abundance of many things. The banking house of the Black Vault is allowed to take full advantage of this, selling and trading throughout both continents. Not enough is sold so that even the lowliest of Imperial citizen would ever be found wanting, but a great many countries still find themselves relying on the necessary products imported from the Empire.

Imperial banner consists of a crescent moon on a field of purple. (Having someone produce this....)
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Frozen Wastes

Shifting Sands

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Kingdom Name = The Burning Realms

Kingdom History = Also called the Denizens of Chaos. This demonic forces ascended from the Prison World, located within the deepest core of the earth, where the place is unknown to any mortals; even the gods do not dare to enter the realm so carelessly without purpose. The existence of the Burning Realms began after the banishment of the demons into an abyssal place, created by the gods themselves where they called it the ''Prison World''. The realm was sealed with a great divine barrier so that will be no single demon will escape from this hellish place. However, these creatures began to multiplied; spawned from the essences of Chaos brought by the peoples of the earth - where wars, calamities, disasters and many negative aspects striked. The demons of the Burning Realms have their own leaders; called the Overlords - demon sovereigns who ruled their own kingdoms and commanded their own demonic legions. During the years of exiled, these factions fought each other for supremacy or even just for pleasure. But when the divine barrier will be broken soon - and it will come in prophecies, the demons breaks the seal and let loose upon the earth and begin spreading chaos throughout the universe. To retaliate these demons back to the Prison World needs alot of mighty sorcerers and even the intervention of the gods to seal back the Burning Realms for the time being.

People of Note =
~ The demonkind are various; they have their own kingdoms, armies, leaders and their heroes. Other names will be come up when prophecies are heeding their warning...

Places of Note =
~ Rul-Thagash > The first infernal foothold upon the earth. During the First Demon Invasion, the demons broke loose from their prison and ascended through from Eastern Realm. A bastion was built around where they're ascended so that the portal gate should be protected. But one god alerted the incoming plans of the demons, and sieged the bastion and casted off the demons back into the portal. One sorcerer of unknown name sacrificed himself to create a defensive seal to close off the gate. Rul-Thagash fortress was left deserted after that when the gate was sealed. It's only a matter of time when there will be an another prophecy tells about the seal will be broken again..

Religion = The demons of the Burning Realms doesnt believe in the gods and their creations; but they do believe an entity called Chaos - where they were created from and existed. They only believes of what they do as their wills. The love torments and being tormented, and they're laugh when they were in chains or in horrible pain. Their only goal is to bring terror and destruction upon all creations of the universe.

Military Units =

Coat of Arms =

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Kingdom Name

Kingdom Name
URIAL and the COG Rebellion

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