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Within the great Travelling Library, a small room stands open, inviting anyone in who may wish to have their history recorded for all time.
The record keeper is a gruff man, silent and scarred from many battles. He sits, waiting patiently with quill in hand, single eye steadily examining you. You know, without knowing how, that only truth may be spoken before this man.

Upon his table, easy for you to read, is a form.

Place of Birth
Loyalty to which kingdom, if any.
Appearance, body, clothing and weapons.
Any goals
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Fergus Catcher, Imperial Inquisitor

At the ripe old age of 27, this human man is thick set and of unremarkable height. He is bald and currently wears a red goatee and mustache. When questioned about either, he claims both are choices he makes, rather than his natural traits.

Catcher is a very serious man, as is only fitting for an Inquisitor. He wears a long, black leather coat, heavy and worn by the elements. While he switches out his weaponry often to deal with new threats, he always carries a gladius and a three barreled turret pistol, a new invention gifted to him to test in the field.

Along with his trusty manservant Baldrick, Catcher travels far and wide. He has learnt a great many skills during his journeys. Juggling is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Overlord Ryvalathas, Demon Sovereign

His surname was Ryvael, he is one of the five Prime Rulers of the Burning Realms. He is entitled as the Lord of Corruption and Proliferation. His infernal realm was Rul-Argadoth ~ "the Spawning Abyss'', and it is located within the seventh plane of the Prison World.

He is the changer of hearts, minds, things and even fate, a primordial being who is existed along with his brethren Overlords, thus he's age is far as ancient. He has a certain forms of appearances; his 'regal' form was a young noble prince - a pale body, with black shoulder length hair and full black eyes. He wears an aristocratic clothes, purple in color with red hooded cloak and mantle. He carries an iron walking stick an wears an iron crown.

His true form however turns into a horrifying hive or cocoon surrounded by hundreds of tentacles and spires - and he is colossal huge. He have one red big eye that can steal souls, his tentacles can corrupts everything when it touches and produce his continuos creations with 'abnormality' rate. Along with his true form, choir voices echoed from the sky; terrifying his enemies. The voices said in the language of the old gods, and the translation is..''By Abyss thy Fallen One, by Abyss thy Fallen Prince, be fallen o Lonely One, and Chaos prevail thy Prince''.

Ryvael's goals are simply suitable by his title - to corrupt the whole universe and fill it with his endless spawns of Chaos. He has two loyal servants, or disciples; Arafiel - Lord of the Dark Flame, and Jannas - The Blood Lord. Both of them are Lesser Rulers.
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Draegon Quick, pirate king and charming rouge.
First of all, it is Captain Daegon Quick, of the pirate ship Sinking Tub, and he is sadly no king of pirates. He has always refused to be part of the Fellowship of Shadows, taking no part of their contacts, resources or any of the other many perks available to members. Instead, he is one of the only independent pirates operating on the open seas.
His real name is Riley Crichton, born within the Dark Empire and trained to be a battle mage. His care free nature and sense of humor left him unsuited to the serious world of Imperial life, and it wasn't long before he packed his bags and fled into the wider world. He became a wanderer, traveling from one county and job to another. Eventually he found himself as captain of his own ship.
Draegon is six foot nine, a good Imperial height, with the pale skin and dark hair common to his people.
Since he hides his magical potential from everyone, keeping his status as an Imperial deserter a secret, he uses illusion magic and stage make-up to change his appearance to match the aging of a magic-less human. To others, he looks as if he has grey hair and long mustache, a patch covering his left eye. He does have two fully functioning eyes, but he is a pirate captain and as such needs a patch and a hat, with a feather in it. His lucky coat, a fading deep blue, is one of his trademarks.
As for weaponry, the captain carries a steel cutlass and an older flintlock pistol. The Sinking Tub, aptly named, could once have been a glorious galleon with limitless possibilities. Now, it little more than a joke among prosperous thieves.
Quick has many skills, picked up over his life between the Empire, his travels, and his time as a pirate. His combat training left him adept with blade, and since then he has become skilled with throwing blades and pistol. His talents lie with illusion magic, though he has knowledge of destruction. He keeps his skills hidden, though, playing a clumsy fool so everyone underestimates him. He is fond of performing magic tricks, not with actual magic though.
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