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Within this room, a beautiful woman stands, the simple record keeper robes looking exotic upon her. She smiles as you enter, and gestures to her table. A great tome stands open upon her side, and many sheets of blank paper upon yours. The intent is simple, she will verify the information you wish to share with her, about any creatures or magics, peoples and races, and then add it to the tome.

Skimming the book, you see the beginnings below you.

Created by the Atlantean gods, they look almost human. Upon their backs are great wings, the more powerful angels have extra sets of wings. Their hair is golden, their eyes entirely blue. These beings are all beautiful, all taller than humans, and all magically powerful. Originally messengers of the gods, they became warriors and protectors.

Created by the gods of Atlantis, these immortal beings of light are incredibly powerful. They stand seven feet tall, and upon their backs are pure white wings. Incredibly beautiful, each one has blonde hair and blue eyes. Though peaceful, in recent times they have taken on a more warlike image.

Great and powerful creatures of legend, it is said dragons blessed humanity with magic and taught the first humans to use it. Often worshiped as gods by primitive humans, these creatures are fully sentient and intelligent, their lifespans believed to be limitless. As far as anyone knows, this is true, as the oldest dragons have lived for tens of thousands of years.
Dragons grow larger and more powerful the longer they live, and it was for this reason that two of the oldest allied themselves with the God Emperor Cheesu, pledging loyalty with him in return for a purge upon dragons.
With his help, most of the eldest dragons were killed, the youngest fleeing or hiding.
Dragons begin life small, almost the size of a dog, and all have four limbs and wings. Long years can see them eventually being one hundred feet long, or more, with wingspans over double this. Their scales are tough, hard to penetrate with mortal weapons. Capable of human speech, most do not demean themselves by speaking with mortals. Dragons are able to control magic, and most breathe fire.

Though harpies are believed to be the creation of Cheesu, they were actually created by the Atlantean gods as prototypes for the angels they would later go on to create. Rejected, deemed imperfect by the gods, they were cast aside.
When Cheesu arrived in this world, the remaining harpies were dying out, hollow shells of what they had once been. With Cheesu's care, they are proud once more, growing in numbers and pledging eternal devotion to the God Emperor and swearing vengeance against the Atlantean gods.
Harpies are graceful, elegant creatures, their bodies and faces resembling beautiful human women. Their backs are covered in a light layer of feathers, their arms powerful wings, their legs ending in viscous talons. Although unable to use magic, harpies were made immortal upon their creation. While the original harpies all had blonde hair, the newer generations have developed black hair.
Harpies are only ever female, and to breed they need human men. Hosts of Imperial men are selected to be sent to the Harpies, to increase their numbers and add Imperial blood to the Harpies. These man never return, but give their lives in the name of the God Emperor.

Men throughout the world who are able to wield magic are known by a number of terms. Mage, sorcerer and wizard are a few. With a few simple gestures, men are able to weave spells with no words needed to focus their power. The more complicated spells need more complicated gestures and rituals, occasionally even needing words to go with it.
The magic that is a part of a mages extends their lives. The more powerful the magic within them, the longer their lives become. This can increase a human's lifespan from eighty years, to hundreds of years.

Great humanoid creatures, similar to Werewolves. They are a cross between human and bull, nine feet tall and covered in thick, heavy muscle. Their horns and hooves are deadly, and their hands end in viscous claws. Created by Cheesu, they are unable to turn humans into their kind, but they do breed.
Within the country of Aon, there are almost a thousand Minotaur, all tending the herd of bulls. Life within the dead lands of Aon has corrupted the herd, turning them from gentle cattle into blood thirsty beasts. The cattle driven into Aon are butched by these bulls and the Werewolves.

Creations of Soul Magic, these are found only within the Empire. The material they are made of can vary greatly, anything from fabric, to clay, to steel. Most puppets have limbs ending in blades to make them deadly. To produce a Puppet, a mage must split a fraction of their soul apart and place it within the body they create, animating it and binding it to their will. Puppets make good bodyguards and assassins, and are used often by the mages within Aland.
Splitting your soul carries risks though, and so ways around this have been introduced. The most popular is to steal the soul of an enemy after killing them, binding said soul to your own and then splitting this. The result is the same, but the risk to the mage's soul is taken away.
Controlling any more than three Puppets at once takes too much effort for humans, but it is said that Cheesu has created hundreds of thousands of his own puppets, taking a sliver from every soul harvested from his worshipers to create an immortal army under his own control.

Eight feet tall, these monsters stand on two legs and are a cross between wolf and man. Their senses are heightened, and they are stronger and faster than mortal men. Werewolves heal quickly, making them difficult to kill, and extending their lifespans for hundreds of years. Wounds inflicted by silver do take longer for werewolves to heal.
Drawn to belong to packs, within the Empire they are able to run free in the country of Aon, within many packs hundreds strong.
Their bites and scratches are highly infectious to humans, changing a victim into one of them within a week of the injury. The first few months after the change, the beast rules the man inside, but eventually they regain some sense of humanity.
Pure bred werewolves, while capable of being taught to be more human in their actions, mainly resort to their animal instincts.

The female equivalent of mages, women are more powerful than their male counterparts, the strongest witches being far superior to the most powerful mages. Witches do, however, need to speak to control their magic, no matter how small and insignificant an amount they wish to use is. The magic increases their lifespans, even more than a mage's.

Another creation of Cheesu's, he had hopes that he could train these creatures to be mounts within his the Imperial army. Using captured dragons, Cheesu began work modifying them, removing the intelligence and breeding them to be smaller. Wyverns have two legs, their arms serving as wings also. Their necks and tails are longer in proportion to their bodies, their wingspan also wide. The bodies tend to be the size of a large horse, a little large when fully grown, with their necks and tails more than tripling their total length . Their lifespans last little more than one hundred years, and they are incapable of magic, though they can breathe fire.
The plan to train the wyverns was deemed unsuccessful for the most part, the creatures being too strong willed to allow a man to ride them. Nest of wild wyverns are scattered throughout the mountains.
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Dragons of Vathrulheish Empire
The dragons of the empire are very distinctive from their brethren kind from the Dark Empire. These mighty creatures are sacred to the people of Vathrulhein and were worshiped in cult temples. The dragons are once flying mounts by the Varthian; the First Men who settled and established the Vhar Dynasty - ancestors of the imperial families. One scholar wrote that, "Only the Vhar bloodline and his descendants can control and rule the dragons, none others..''; this is because the First Men of the Varthian were dragonlords - sorcerers who made pact with the dragons. Today, there are only three branch houses descended from the Vhar Dynasty have the ability to control these creatures. The skins and scales of the imperial dragons are in shadowy black, while for the battle dragons were purple or azure blue skins. The dragons can breath fire and cast spells, and even can communicate with the descendants of the Vhar lineage.

Dwarves are likely look as halflings but a little bit taller and 'big'. The humans reconsidered dwarves as mountainous race who have beards and using axes but in reality, dwarves has it's own clans and different physical appearances. Majority of the dwarves live at the mountains, some live within wild forests but there is an advance tribe of dwarves who live in a floating city. They may have kingdoms of their own, some live within foreign kingdoms. In Vathrulheish Empire, the dwarves are the fourth most populated races, alongside with the humans, elves and orcs..

Gargoyles are creatures of magic; sculptured and enchanted by the mages of Vathrulheish Empire. They used them as 'familiars' or servants to carry out their master's bidding. Their physical existence is a fusion between a material and a living lifeform. The appearances look like a winged - humanoid demon with horns, and they can magically turn into stone whenever they aren't needed or used for work. These gargoyles are also suitable for war battles.

Golems are the second creation made by the sorcerers of Vathrulheish Empire. Manufactured and mass produced in Arcane Foundries, these magical constructs are made from steel or obsidian and infused them with enchanted glyphs of life. These creatures are usually used for battles; either in wars or just for entertainment - including gladiatorial games and tournaments.

The necromancers are sorcerers and mages who practices the dark arts of Undead Magic. In Vathrulheish Empire, the necromancers worship the 'death' aspect of Lord Khazaseth, the Netherworld God and have close relations with the cult priests. They're have their own coven and 'secret schools' - but their center of learning is at Aren-Uthul, Region of the Necromancers. Other covens located in dark monasteries where the acolytes were trained to be full-fledge necromancers. These dark mages usually wore hooded robes, mostly black and equiped with badges or amulets of the Necromancer's insignia. They have the ability to summon or raise the undead; commonly skeletons. The more powerful necromancers can summon Skeleton Mages, Bone Golems and summon specters from the Netherworld. For the necromancers who practised the art of Blood Magic can summon Blood Golems where they're spilled their own blood, or their victims and summon from it. All necromancers can't raise Zombies because it's the work of the Witch-Doctors; and the Necromancers of Vathrulhein is very hostile to them as their worst rivals.

The creatures of chaos and denizens of the Burning Realms. No historical or religious records saying how and when these creatures came into being but few of the gods known about the existence of this scourge of Fire. One ancient oracle said that the demons are created way before this world and the rest of the universe are created. It was chaos at first, but after the the gods created their own realms and reign upon the universe and this world, the demons also play their role - to destroy and corrupt the creations of the gods and turned it into one of their chaotic realms. It was a plague sent by Death itself, but the gods retaliated these beings by casting them into the deepest core of this world, where the Prison World was created specially for them. The demons were chained and multiplied within that realm for thousands of years until the barrier seal of the prison are no longer can hold them, they will loose free and wreak havoc again upon all worlds. The demons has various types, shapes, sizes and attributes - and even have their own factions, but the only common goal is to unleash chaos and slaughter all the creations of the gods.
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