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The gentleman within this room does not even deem to acknowledge your presence. Engrossed entirely in his inspection of a banner hung upon the wall, you can not tell much about him from the back of his head. Pages scatter the table between you, and notice that those in a language you understand detail different groups of people. From trading houses and banks, to mercenary companies and thieves. Blank paper is left for you to record to deeds of any such companies within the world.
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Black Vault Banking House
The most powerful and influential banking house in this world, there are few who do not owe the Black Vault some debt. Currently, the figurehead at the top of the Black Vault is Maximilian Cain, though unknown to all is that the true power behind this house is the God Emperor Cheesu.
Before he even began to manipulate and control the Empire, Cheesu began a small banking house. Eventually, through subtlety and cunning, Cheesu had this small bank growing at an astonishing rate. Thousands of years late, the bank holds entire countries in debt and control huge portions of trade.

Fellowship of Shadows
While Cheesu knew that he could control people openly through the Black Vault, he also knew he would need other ways to control people, both within his Empire and throughout the countries not yet under his control.
It all started with a small band of thieves, but with a god's intelligence and power, soon this band of thieves was spread throughout both continents. Smugglers, pirates, assassins and other people remaining in the shadows all answer to the Fellowship, and in turn, to Cheesu. It is well known that all criminals, from the smallest to the most infamous are influences in one way or another by the Fellowship of Shadows.
No one knows who currently controls the Fellowship, but maybe in time they will reveal themselves.

Company of the Last Stand
One of the most famous and sought after mercenary companies on both continents. Fearsome and loyal to their employer's, they received their name after showing their dedication, refusing to ever surrender or retreat. Many people flock to their recruiters, though only the best stay through the intense training and hard work required to be part of the company. In return, they see new places, meet new people and are paid very generously.

White Witches
The most skilled healers and oracles in the Empire become the White Witches, who control all other healers within the Dark Empire. These are the people who decide on the best way to combine bloodline, to improve the next generations of Imperial citizens. It has even been known for them to influence children within the womb with their magic, changing them to suit needs at the time.

The Priesthood of One
The official priesthood spreading the word of the God Emperor Cheesu, denouncing the other gods and calling for all to join under his glorious banner. All priest are powerful mages, skilled warriors, well educated, and taught to be able to influence others with their words. They keep so much of this hidden, though, their public face being one of peaceful teaching, All carry a medallion, made from a small chunk of rubble from the great city of Aland, giving each priest a connection to Cheesu.
A chosen few are given special daggers, again made of the stone of Aland, and initiated in the ways of the Avatars of Cheesu. The belief is that if these priests are ever called upon, plunging these daggers directly into their own chests will connect them completely with their god, providing him with a vessel to carry out his will from afar. Upon leaving this vessel, the priest will die, but all are willing to give their lives as needed.
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Company of the Last Hand
One of the most infamous of this world's mercenary companies. The name is a pun on the incredible amount of gambling the members partake in, while avoiding battle completely. The company is corrupt, full of drunks, gamblers and downright idiots. The majority of their work comes from people mistaking them for the Last Stand company.

Imperial Inquisition
While the Dark Empire has fancy Watchers, people who can watch and protect the Imperial lands from danger, they don't blend in very well. With another faction needed, consisting of a people who could go anywhere inside and out of the Dark Empire, the Inquisition was formed. Part police force, part spies and part monster hunters, Inquisitors must do it all.
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Guild of the Broken Staff
The guild is one of the most influential merchant and trading house incorporated by a group of sorcerers, wizards and witches. It's name were derived from a legendary warlock's staff that was broken during the First Demon Invasion upon Vorathian Continent. It's headquarter is Gdarhence; an enchanted mage's city located in the eastern region of Murond, within the Vathrulheish Empire. Their products and byproducts were magical artifacts, arcane scrolls and weapons, and even manufacturing magical creatures (such as Golems and Gargoyles) for military purposes; especially for mercenary companies. Most prices were bought by using gold and silver, but gems and Mana Crystals are great commodities demanded if anyone wants to buy their products. The guild had opened up hundreds of arcane workshops and forges across the empire and even it's colonies.

The Vitharin League
The league is a trade union of infamous slaver's guilds within Vathrulheish Empire; dealing with slave trades and contracts from across the continent and the overseas. They operated their trade by slave galleys; transported from the neighbouring countries or trading posts into the mainland continent to sell their goods. The most popular and common slaves they bought in was the goblins and orcs from the Arruhean Archipelago, and the Minotaurs from the Dark Empire (through trade relations). These slaves bought by the clients usually used for work labors, conscripting into slave armies for rich warlords, or even for magical experiments for knowledge-seeking sorcerers.

The Serpentine Sky Fleet
Vathrulheish Empire's great treasure fleets. The fleet is comprise of large convoy of Skyships and Airships - manuevered by the dwarves hired by the Imperial Admiralty. The first fleet was comissioned by the 4th emperor, Sar-Atanavir when a first colony was established outside the continent. By then, the open seas were harsh and many raiding pirates roaming the trade routes. The Sky Fleet was the best and safest transportation; and never a single case of robbery or accidents happened to the fleet during their expedition - it even guarded by several vicious battle dragons. The fleet bought endless wealth to the empire; from silver to gold, to rare and exotic resources, luxurious materials, and even weird technologies from far beyond the overseas.

Order of the Temple of Khazaseth
Also called themselves the Dark Covenant. The order is a magocratic-military organization who served the empire's patron deity, Lord Khazaseth; and to spread his dark will upon all worlds. It is the only political body who runs the empire's government that most of the imperial court members are from the order. The order is divided into several subsidiaries or branch divisions, but also holds many linked organisations. The most prominent subsidiaries and affiliated organisations are as follows =-
~ Cult of the Sons of Darkness (An imperial cult which dedicated to past emperors who were worshiped as demigods)
~ Circle of the Underdark (A Necromancer's coven - the most popular coven where many sorcerers interested to join in.)
~ Priesthood of the Netherworld (A monastic order where cult priests and their cultists were trained and lived in dark monasteries)
~ Temple of the Lesser Pantheon (A cult group who worship other gods affiliated to Khazaseth - even the tribal barbarian gods.)

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