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Posted 5/8/14 , edited 5/10/14
by FloydYoder

I did not know what to expect when I first started SBD National Police Agency Special Defense Bureau. I never really was a big watcher of dramas but the description looked interesting. Thankfully what I stumbled upon was a very good comedy crime series. The world is full of vermin and Japan’s answer is the SBD. The SBD is a special taskforce whose purpose is to protect the interests of the public by investigating subjects (usually businesses) that are exploiting the public. They then seek to correct those problems via “corrective enforcement”. Since there are no arrests, no proof is necessary.

The protagonist is an eccentric SBD agent named Sohei Asakura. He has an obsession with eggs, an unkempt appearance, and a tendency to randomly say “I wanna die”. He is abrasive, seemingly lazy and unpredictable, but he is quite good at his job. To assist Asakura in his job he frequently borrows a young policeman named Tsuji Keiichi. Keiichi is a noble and passionate policeman and that makes him the perfect buttmonkey. Since Asakura is such an important person Keiichi’s station orders him to follow Asakura’s every request and Keiichi very soon finds out that Asakura can be a cruel master. The things that Asakura forces Keiichi to do in the name of an investigation are often degrading, illegal, and of course, hilarious.

When the investigation has given him sufficient motivation Asakura confronts the perpetrators and lays his accusations at them. The perpetrators often get smug at this point because they are always careful enough to not directly do anything illegal and they don’t leave evidence so they are always sure that they’ll get off on a technicality but they soon find out that Asakura isn’t interested in arrests. Asakura deals in crime prevention by using “corrective enforcement “ and you can guess what that means. Asakua uses his tremendous skill with ropes to bind them and inflict brutal physical and mental punishments with sadistic glee until he believes they are broken enough to change their ways. Despite the wild glee he expresses when he is enforcing he does not enjoy his work and always feels guilt when it is over.

The series has a good blend of fairly serious investigation followed by comedy. Asakura’s dour brilliance is well complemented by Keiichi’s earnestness and confusion. The abuse that Asakura heaps onto Keiichi is a bit reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes and Watson. The businesses that Asakura investigates are usually a little out of the ordinary. For example, one of the cases is about a business in which you pay to take a walk with a high school girl. One criticism I have for this show is it feels formulaic. Although the businesses are widely varied, the episodes follow the same general pattern: Asakura finds out about the business, he investigates the business, he acts weird for a while, he talks to the smug business owner who knows they can’t get arrested, he gives them corrective enforcement, and then they give us a clue to the next episode. To be fair, it is still early in its run so there is plenty of room to introduce new permanent characters and shake things up in later episodes.

If you are a fan of crime dramas and you are looking for something a little more lighthearted you should give SBD National Police Agency Special Defense Bureau a shot. The series has some interesting plots and the characters are fun. Just don’t expect the investigations to get too deep or complex, this is a gag series. You can find SBD National Police Agency Special Defense Bureau here at Crunchyroll.
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