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Posted 5/8/14 , edited 5/8/14
by Koda89

One of the goals people strive for in their careers is to be promoted to better positions, but sometimes that promotion isn't all it is cracked up to be. This is the case for Takahashi, the main character of World Fool News. Takahashi works as a newscaster for Central TV. When Central TV holds its 40th anniversary, Takahashi is promoted from his afternoon slot after the legendary newscaster Yamamura moves to Central TV's board. The problem is, Takahashi's promotion lands him in the nighttime program World Fool News, which is Central TV's least popular program and it has a stigma for having a very colorful cast of weirdos working on it. To make matters worse, World Fool News only covers weird news stories that normally would seem as if they were plucked straight from tabloids. Some examples of these include a super baby that ended up just being a talking baby with genius-level intellect and a genetically modified chimpanzee riding a scooter.

Unfortunately for Takahashi, the stigma his coworkers have gained turned out to be true, as they really are a collection of rather unique individuals. One of the guys behind the camera, Murakami, is perpetually drunk for example. Murakami, however, is probably the least weird person in World Fool News besides Takahashi. Another weird character behind the camera is Honjou, a rather neurotic up and coming member of the production team. However the king, or rather queen, of the weird characters is Shimohira, Takahashi's fellow newscaster. Shimohira has no filter between her brain and her mouth, so she will say anything that pops into her mind, and it is almost always something weird and out of place.

The type of humor in World Fool News is also rather weird. Instead of the in your face kind of humor prevalent in anime where the jokes can be clearly seen, a lot of the humor in World Fool News is subdued and often hidden in the dialogue of the characters. There are a few puns here or there, but most of the humor comes from seeing Takahashi try to deal with the out of place lines and situations his coworkers throw his way, such as when Shimohira tells him what she thinks the inside of microwaves smell like.

Ultimately the best way to describe World Fool News is that it is essentially the anime equivalent of an Adult Swim original series. Between World Fool News's rather unique and minimalistic art style, its odd sense of humor that will elicit both groans and genuine laughs, and its short length of only ten minutes per episode, I am constantly reminded of the cartoons I would watch late at night during high school. World Fool News is probably not going to take the world by storm, but it is still a charming series despite the hit or miss nature inherent to its style of humor. If you would like to see if World Fool News is your type of show, please check it out on Crunchyroll.
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