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Posted 5/8/14 , edited 5/9/14
So a short while ago I decided to pick up one of my favorite games for the Super NES and play through again, Breath of Fire 2. And this being the stories forum and such was wondering if there would be anyone interested in reading the fanfic I have started writing. I have had one of my writer friends look over what I have so far, and yea he likes it, but he doesn't know the game. So I would like to see another fan of the game take a look at what I have thus far and give me their opinion. Mind you it isn't long, and I'll only post it if there is an interest from someone for it.
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Posted 5/9/14 , edited 5/9/14
I'm not a fan of the game, but I can't know whether or not I'd like to read it.

It's not an issue of "This concept seems interesting, will you read it?" It's a matter of making the story interesting from the first line, and making the reader not want to stop in the first place.

Post the first chapter, and then go from there.
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