Post Reply Are tattoos really safe?
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Posted 5/9/14 , edited 5/9/14
I'll be honest,
I loooove tattos.I think theyre beautiful.
I've thought of getting one, or a couple.

But knowing the fact that our skin absorbs more chemicals and nutrients that what our mouths or stomachs can, it scars me to imagine what tattoos are putting into our bloodstream.

What are your thoughts?
Posted 5/9/14 , edited 5/9/14
I think small ones look lovely, but I have a big issue myself with these.
Chemicals as you said, plenty are carciongens and if not done correctly (like sterlised before use due to malpractise) then you are at risk of aids etc.
Also to have them removed is a pain in the butt and cost too much just not worth the agro I think is just complete risk to health and the bank balance
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Posted 5/9/14 , edited 5/9/14
My sister have 2 tattoos a map and a flower. The flower is really big and very color full. Are they safe? i don't know, maybe it depends on the person to person like allergic, but I know they are pain in the butt to remove.
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